Friday, 16 December 2011

Don't Panic!

Well, hello! 6 weeks has it been? However long, it's been too long. All my plans had to put on hold so that I could discover and experience every possible emotion. Turmoil being number one, closely followed by helplessness, and I'd love to say everything's back on track now, but I've lost about 5 weeks, and now Christmas is next week... And I'm not prepared, everything seems to be going ?%£'s up, as my Great Aunt Dot says!

But that's enough of my whinging, I managed to get myself out to the Reindeer Parade about 3 weeks ago, it wasn't a well planned event and I must admit to feeling a slight bit disappointed, but I got to see Reindeer, and I love Reindeer - I wasn't in charge of the camera, so I am not to blame for a camera full of out of focus snaps, but this one may just redeem them all...

Those gorgeous bells remind me of The Polar Express... Have you seen it? Probably my favourite of the festive flicks, it's in the pile to watch. Speaking of which, The Chap and I are having a dinner & film week starting tonight, though we have too many films, so over the weekend, I think it will have to be two o'clockses & film & dinner & film - The list includes: The Polar Express, It's A Wonderful Life, The Santa Clause, Santa Claus: The Movie, Mrs Santa Claus, Santa Who?, Muppet's Christmas Carol and three others which are wrapped up and early presents to me to pick at random to watch - Nifty idea, huh?

As for dinner, he's cooking and I'm making the pud - Though I'm struggling to come up with enough ideas for a whole week, I'm trying to keep them indulgent, but not too heavy - Ideas?

My cuppa's gone cold, so I'll have to keep this brief unless someone wants to pop the kettle on for me.

My sewing has been abandoned also, though I managed to find the energy to make some of these reindeer brooches:

No time to make a reindeer jumper though, but I will be starting one in the New Year to ensure I will have it for December next! I have bought the wool to knit a scarf for the Chap, but I would like to ask a question: I want it to be maybe 200cm in length, and I want to knit it side-on, but my needles are too short... Do you know of any really long needles? Or should I make some? Or should I just knit it rib (which I'm not a fan of)???

I think that's me done for the day, I could sleep for 23 hours a day and I'd still be tired! Dinner and film tonight - I hear on the grapevine it's mushroom and bean stew, but I haven't sorted a pud yet... Old Fashioned Chocolate Pudding?

Oh, ladies, chaps, I need your advice: Christmas Eve... The Chap wants me to stay at his and walk up to my family in the morning, but I like waking up at home and having a little stocking at the end of my bed (which Father Christmas warned me not to expect due to the financial situation). Now, I'm torn, do I spend Christmas Eve (my favourite day of the festive season) with the Chap, or with my family? And I can't do both, it's far too stressful!

I'll leave you with that conundrum

Over and out

Jennie xx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Irresistibly Sweet

As I mentioned in my last post, I couldn't think of 7 random facts about myself, so instead asked you to ask the questions... Well two of you did!

The blog was given to me by Sew Something Vintage - Thank you

And the questions...

Lucey asked: I'd like to know if you have any tattoos and if so where??

No I wussed out of going in due to my hatred of needles, but considering the tattoos I'd be sporting now, it was probably for the best - Not that I criticise those of you who have ever-lasting doodles, they're great, just not for me (now)

Kate asked:  How do you knit so quickly??

Well, I've been trying to stick to one project at a time (ignoring the several half finished jumpers and bag hidden in the prject bag!). It's also practice, and spending up to 13 hours a day knitting (only on grotty days when I'm at home). So to sum up, stick to one piece, knit until your fingers are about to drop off and also knit something you're desperate to wear.

Well, there you have it. Lucey and Kate, the award belongs to you two now, go forth and blog!

Although back to the knitting, the 1937 Trellis Yoke jumper which has a finished back, and knitted right up to the armholes has forced me to put it to bed for now - The pattern is well and truly twisted, plus it looks a mess compared with their close-up picture, so I'm going to re-write the yoke part of the pattern, and it should be finished in, oooh, 10 years?
Fear not my children, I picked up the needles straight away and started knitting a jumper to make you weep with delight (well, maybe), it's half rib, but on number 10s and 9s! Knitting an Autumnal jumper seems a bit silly when I'm roasting like a chicken today, but here's a pic of it as of 1.30pm today (it's grown since then!)

Chocolate brown, although we don't mention the C word anymore, not until the weekend, when that Orange Aero will be safely hidden in my tum tum!

Anyhoo hoo, must dash, work to do and all that jazz

Jennie xx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Question Time With Jennie Dimbleby

Well well well, you've caught me at the moment in which I'm trying to look busy and in truth, I am well and truly stumped. Here's the deal: I have been awarded The Irresistibly Sweet Award by Sew Something Vintage (thank you), but part of the deal is that I have to give 7 random facts about myself... I cannot think of a single one, you know everything there is to know!

So, I propose that you ask me a question or several, and my favourites will be answered and if you have a blog, you will receive this award... Deal?

Oh, and about that 16 day jumper - I made a stupid mistake, it wasn't 16 days, I took a day off to do a spot of sewing for someone... It was 15 days

Enough showing off, the basket weave jumper I mentioned, well, after a lot of minor swearing (fiddlesticks and the like) and throwing the giant ball of wool across the room, I gave up! Well, I say that, it's been put in a bag for a later date. I was knitting the sleeve and discovered I had trouble counting to 6, so kept changing after 5 - I don't know why, but also the jumper is in 2-ply and felt very light and thin, so it's a Spring jumper - It will be finished for next Spring (ho ho ho).

In the meantime, I've picked up my sticks and some surplus wool and started a really simple, and a bit plain jumper from 1937. It's a mustard-y colour and has a lacey detail on the yoke. Almost finished the back, but it seems to be taking an age - It might just be a 30 day jumper at this rate!

I'll be back with some answers (if you ask my anything!), and hopefully a bit more of a jumper

All my best wishes to you on this changeable Thursday afternoon

Jennie xx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

16 Days of Woolly Bliss

I was sure we were in June, now I'm looking at September on the calender - The time has just slipped away and I'm not quite sure what I've been doing.

Sure enough I've been knitting, but due to getting muddled up with my tension square, I started to knit a cardigan which, if I had finished, would have been several sizes too big as I was knitting in Aran and I need DK... Oh, how I hate spending two days on a project only to then discover that I've wasted my time, but at least I found out before I got any further. I will be revisiting this pattern when I've found some suitable DK - Do keep your eyes peeled for a 1936 cardigan!

So then I started a 1941 lacey cable jumper, only to realise it was the end of August and I was knitting in 2-ply with number 14 needles - It surely won't be ready by the end of Summer, so I'll keep it in the project bag for those spare moments. Please send me some luck regarding the 3 1/2 inches of rib!

So, to get to the point, I finally had a dig around and pulled out a pattern I'd loved for quite a while but never seemed to have the right wool - Well, a while back I bought a bag of discontinued Coral wool and they seemed a perfect match - 16 days later and I had myself a new jumper... Yes, 16 days, I should really have gone full time with it, but R.S.I. in left hand kept the pace slow. Listen to me, waffling on, and all you want to see is the jumper!

The lacey pattern is also on the back and down the sleeves.

The coral is a more pink, less orange in the flesh, but isn't that always the way with  photos?

But still not content, I finished this jumper on Monday night and started another jumper on Tuesday evening, I'm not all too sure of it as the wool matches a length of fabric I have and I was thinking of knitting this jumper to match a skirt made from the fabric... But then, I realised I may have enough fabric to make a collared dress, in which case, I won't want a collared jumper, I'd want a cardigan! But the jumper is going ahead on the matter of fact basis that the wool is a thin 3-ply and the pattern is for a 2-ply jumper, and it's knitting up a treat... There may be enough for a cardigan too, so I shan't sob. So here it is, I've started on a sleeve, just to make my mind up whether or not I like the design:

The original, from 1935:

I'm really looking forward to the monogram eeek, but what colour?

How are you all doing with your knitting, I haven't had much time for blogs and the reading of for a while, but I do keep an eye out for knitting posts. I just like that little kick to say "they can knit, so can you", so please do blog your knitteds, even if they are just a pile of pieces in the workbag.

Anyway, I really have waffled on for long enough, but I'm sure it's down to the changing season - I'm really feeling Autumnal now, the woodburner's being lit in the evening, the coal has just been delivered, I'm looking at Reindeer jumper patterns and I'm really feeling the love for warming colours; rust, green, mustard, scarlet and a dash of navy.

So I really must be off now, I have a sleeve to get back to. It won't be finished in the outstanding time of 16 days, but watch this space!


Jennie xx 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Vintage Tea Party Book

I'm sure you've already heard about this book, or at least the author, Angel Adoree. Of course, if you have no idea who, or what I'm talking about, please allow me to indroduce to you to a new friend - The Vintage Tea Party Book

I was told that this is not a "cupcake book", and that's no lie, it's a very sophisticate, yet delightfully fun book about hosting a tea party, though it really covers dinner parties too and I will be using it for my Christmas planning.

Speaking of Christmas, the Chocolate Prune Tea Cakes will be on the menu this festive season, I have a deep dislike of fruit cake (Bara Brith excluded), but cover any fruit in chocolate and it can find it's welcome on my plate!

Even cocktails are included, and instructions on making hats, flags, pinnies, then there's the style guide with three wonderful hairstyles, which I can assure you, you will have tried before you've even contemplated inviting anyone over. Oh, and then there are the Invite and Thank You templates!

Everything is well planned, and I can't even imagaine how many hours have gone into creating this book, which is a hefty hardback. The illustrations too, they took me straight back to being a wee one (I know I'm barely 5', but that's not what I mean't!), with faerie tale books filled with pictures which still managed to keep me enterained.

The Athol Brose Morning Drink, which includes Whisky and honey... Two of my favourite ingredients. I'm pretty sure this will keep out the cold first thing in the morning (when you don't have to drive!)

So to sum up, I will say what I said the other day when asked if I would use this book:

Gran had Marguerite Patten, Ma had Delia Smith, I have Angel Adoree

That's all for now, hopfully I'll have a kitchen when I blog again (it's mid demolition) and I can show you some of the fab creations made from this book


Jennie xx

Monday, 11 July 2011

It's A Charmed Life - For Charlie

Hello All

Just a quick note to say that I'll be changing the name of the blog tomorrow. This was only a temporary name anyway, but the new name will be:

It's A Charmed Life

Just so that you won;t be too confused when you see a new name in your blog reading box and wonder which of your cats has been selecting "Follow" on random blogs

Apologies for the absence, but there's so much work going on in the house and I'm busy working too. I'll try and write something with a little substance tomorrow, if I can't think of anything else, I'll tell you about the ghosts

For now I'll leave you with a photo of this charming boy, Charlie

Until tomorrow, Jennie x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

1934 Chevron Jumper

Well doubters, here she is - My chevron jumper knitted from a 1934 pattern, and you thought it would never happen!

It has to be said that knitting a jumper goes a lot quicker if you don't mess up the pattern on the shoulders - I completely missed the chevrons on the front shoulders, so I stayed up half the night to amend this.

In the original picture, the tie is in a bow, but I really like ties to be tied like ties, so mine is tied like a tie.

After all this work to finish a Summer jumper, it's still raining and I'm even planning my Autumn/Winter wardrobe... Please bring me a proper Summer!

In other news, today would've been George's Birthday, I just wished the sun could've shined for him today, he was a sun worshipper.

Anyway, I'm exhausted after all that knitting, I have another jumper which needs the pattern working out (how did so many patterns get printed without being checked first?!). So I'll wish you a pleasant Summer Solstice and we'll chat soon

Jennie and Charlie xx

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Weekend

Oh Boy, oh boy! What a weekend I've had, I get to that in a moment. Back to the dentist I mentioned in the last post - He has the whitest smile I've ever seen, he really is wasted in the dental profession, his dazzling smile should be gracing bus stops, advertising toothpaste. Whatever brand he uses, I'd certainly buy it!

Also, I'm having issues with commenting on blogs. I'm asked to sign in each time I try, even after I've signed in (again), it keeps sending me to sign in. Any solutions? I'm aware that if you'r having the same issue, you won't be able to comment to tell me, but if you've solved the problem, could you let me know how?

Anyway, I'll work backwards: Last evening, Charlie was in clear discomfort, eventually it was realised that although he was digging holes and constantly trying to "water the garden", it just wasn't happening. A quick call to the on call vet and he was in his basket and being rushed to the practice.
After the vet gave him a good examination, he brought in the ultra sound machine. He was diagnosed with an inflamation, and given two injections and sent into the reception to pay. Then the vet came out with a bottle of tablets (I think he said they were essential vitamins, or osme such thing), this was clearly designed to make sure the bill topped the £100 mark!
£101.01 lighter, we left for home. About half an hour later, Charlie picked up. By this morning, he's happy as Larry.
That was my stressful Sunday evening, which is also my excuse for not listing half as much on eBay as I shoud've.

Sunday morning was a much nicer affair, not only was there a bootsale on, but also Gwili Steam Railway were hosting a Transport Weekend on the showground.
I am feeling rather duped by them however. The lady on the tannoy said the cost of entry was £3, no, it was £4. Then there was a £1 charge for the programme, which is full of adverts and not much else. But by far the worst thing, we'd had rain in the middle of the night, though the ground was dry by morning, a good number of the cars advertised were no where to be seen!
There was a rather fine 1942 Fordson - Doesn't it just scream "Land Girl"?

So, the bootsale:
3 compliments really made my day. They were: "I thought you looked like a fabric person when I saw your skirt" from the woman I bought the dress and nightie from. "Two stylish ladies" from a man with a 1930s table I didn't buy (when I went back to ask, he'd already gone!) and "I really like the way you've done your hair. No, I love the way you've done your hair, your whole look" from the lady who sold me a table...

These two, the long one I'm sure is a nightie, it's long, with one waist tie (one has been torn out) and the detailing on the shoulder. The other is shorter but seems to be better made. Both need a bit of work.

Then I found myself buying a table... Do I need a table, no? Could I walk away form such a fantastic find? No!

So that was my excitement for the day. Oh, I haven't even shown you an outfit! You can't see the wrap dress I'm wearing, and I look truly awful, but look at my hair! It's safe to say that this was a very relaxed "Casual Sunday Outifit"...

Jumper: Hand knitted by Ma, indeed it was the first "vintage" jumper she knitted for me
Bandana: Modern, from a bootsale, and I only paid 10 pence for it!
Dress (not seen): Modern, from the Ethel Austin Closing Down Sale of 2010, reduced from £12 to £3!
Shoes (not seen): White tennis shoes, also from Ethel Austin when they were in the stages of being under a different name and having somewhat of an identity crisis
Bag (not seen): 1940s straw clutch, from eBay

I must dash, I have a pile of sewing to finish and deliver this week and we're not going to talk about the jumper!

Hugs to the cats

Jennie & Charlie xx

Friday, 27 May 2011

Vintage Finds

Alright there my lovelies?

Charlie is settling in nicely, he must be fairly happy as he's already come home with two mice... Well, I think the second one may have been a vole, but I was too busy squeeling and trying to get away to really take note!

Anyway, enough of that. I'll show you some of my best finds over the past few weeks, starting with this picture:

This reminded me a bit of the wedding mirror I have, so I had to get it... To match..
It has a chain to hang it up, like the many crinoline lady mirrors I have... Did I say many? Yes I did!
I thought this was lovely and seasidey, and I just can't turn down vintage...

Yesterday I was punished with yet more rain, but it was fine rain, which to me is worse, it tickles and gets in my eyes. But one charity shop came up with this:

A Radio Times cover! I don't get the Radio Times, and this is too big for TV Choice, but how could I say no? Please excuse the creases, I was so excited to show you, I haven't washed or ironed it yet.

That brings me on to  another item, which comes with a question...

This is a Matita suit which although fits me, is a little too big, but it fits my mannequin like a charm! My question is: Does anyone know anything about Matita? I've searched, but haven't found anything, other than a few adverts.

This actually brings up another question, do I sell? It's a horrible moment when you realise a fibreglass body fits into your clothes better than you do!

So I hope you're all well, and see you next week, when I'll have hopefully finished the 1934 Chevron jumper... Don't hold your breath!

Jennie & Charlie xx

P.S. I'll also tell you all about my gorgeous new dentist!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Boys In Shorts And Girls In Ties

What on Earth happened to Blogger? I was going out of my mind without my daily reads! So I'm going to do something rather unusual, and blog on a Saturday, but I'll reward myself with a Sunday outing if the weather holds (fingers crossed).

Maybe you'd like to see a few more pictures from the bag...

First up, this lovely is the spitting image of my neighbour's son, who is married, sorry girls!

This is a photo of a photo of a photo. The boy sat at the very front has a little anchor on his top, awww.

It was agreed last time I posted photos that girls and ties are a good combination, so here's another example of just such a match:

Coate + Norah at the 'Country'
Man with shorts and long socks (and a cigarette), girl with sunglasses, girl with ribbon in hair, girl with puppy... My guide to creating a wonderful photo.

And finally, another picnic in the country, Denise is back (second on the left), there's a girl in a blazer (back), a tennis racket, a Thermos, a nifty hat and my favourite, the girl on the far left is wearing wellies - I live in my wellies come rain or shine!

I hope you're all having a wonderful start to the weekend, we'll catch up on Monday?

Jennie and Charlie xx

Friday, 6 May 2011

Silly Season Comes Early

Crumbs on my plate, where does the time go?

The day after my last post, I wore this:

It's an outfit much worn last year, and I'm sure will be much worn this year too.
The jumper with a yacht motif was hand knitted by me, shorty clam diggers are vintage, and the tennis shoes are modern.

The odd pose is possibly down to "silly season" coming so early, I'm not used to such warm weather, so if it comes back again, be prepared for salutes, jumping and bicycle tricks in my photos!

Any hoo, I mentioned going to visit someone special, well, two weeks ago yesterday, he moved in...

Meet Charlie, former stray, now a confirmed house cat. He's about two years old, lovely tickles, digging up onions and chasing my hair when I'm asleep!
He has a shocking amount of energy, but also loves sleeping, washing and eating... He seems to have "rounded out" since he got here.

So apart from this, I had a trip to Llanelli, my Grandparents visited, my Uncle stayed for a weekend, my Brother is visiting this weekend and I found a stunner of a picture in a charity shop but forgot to photograph it! Oh, and voting was yesterday, we had three papers each this time... I do love crosses!

Hopefully I'll have some outfit type posts after the weekend, fingers crossed to a little rain (enough to keep farmers and gardeners happy) and plenty of sunshine.


Jennie and Charlie xx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Proper Oufit Post - At Last!

Blimey, is that the time? It's been a busy old day, so I shan't keep you long.

I've finally realised the sun is out to stay a while, so dug through my suitcase to find something suitable, will the desire to wear something I haven't won for a long time.

Yes, I know this is an awful photo, but it made me laugh I looked through them - I have a touch of hayfever and my eyes are watery, it's driving me mad, but you have to laugh at these moments... right?

The sporty skirt is 1930's (I believe), with three pleats in the back, fancy like. I've owned it for two years and this is the first time I've even tried it one!
The jacket is 1950's and also the first outing, after being owned by me for four/five years... Bad Jennie!
The jumper was hand knitted by myself from a circa 1941 pattern. It's actually the irst jumper I ever made, and yes, the first time I've worn it!
The tennis shoes/pumps/pimpsols are from last Summer, very much worn and loved.
The bag is circa 1940's and woven straw... Yes yes, the first outing, and owned for three years or so?

My hair is awful, apologies. I did manage a quick curl but was rushing this morning. I did, however, start the day with red lipstick... I think that may now be on a tea cup!

Anyways, after lunch I headed back out to go see someone special, I'll be introducing him sometime in the next week.

In the meantime, check out this little beauty, found in a charity shop at lunch time. The tongue pulls out to be a tape measure! His original price is one the bottom, 4/11.

Toddling off

Jennie xx

Monday, 18 April 2011

Photographic Fashion Love

Quite some time ago (two months!) I posted some 1930's photos from a collection I found in an antiques shop. I'd had every intention of posting once a week until they were all on... Well, I just remembered and thought Id' share a few more:

Starting with one from the little album.

Tinted, and not particularly well. But with the magic of a sepia setting on the camera... 

Just look at those hats! The girl in the middle is my new style icon, I think simplicity is the way to go.

Picnics are also in favour this season...

The girl in the middle, I believe is Denise (seen in many of the photos). I love her tie, ties on girls - Genius! Looking at that whopper of a box, I hope they had a car nearby...

Not forgetting the boys when it comes to vintage. What does a chap need for a day out? Pipe, hat, rather nifty slacks? Check!

Blazer, pumps... I love it! Do we still say pumps, or should it be tennis shoes? I think I may still be in school mode - "Get your P.E. kit on... NOW!!!". Those plimpsols with little elasticated panels on the front that were actually rather comfortable...

Isn't this just the best "non-posed" face photo? Unfortunately her jacket isn't in full view in this photo, but in the next one, it is... Can you zoom in?

Same lady as before, fourth from the right. Her jacket? I love this photo, it's so much fun - Wouldn't you just love to be part of this group? For a start, a tennis court... I don't have one, nor do I know anyone with one! This is, I believe, in France.
On the back is written: Ghastly - At Francois home

I'll leave you with an eighth picture. It's a little blurred, but I think you all know why this was chosen! I only wish the outfits had been in with the photos...

So, that's that for today. Just one question: I've found a 1930's(?) camera, with case for a song, but can't make up my mind whether or not to buy it, now that I know the price of the film, and can't even face up to asking the price of processing! But... I want a 1930's camera, what would you recommend, other than a Box Brownie?


Jennie xx

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Welcome To The Family

First off, thank you. Your comments reguarding my "run in" with the eBayer has given me some confidence, just because I'm a girl, I will not be bullied by a man. I clearly have more knowledge in this area than he does, therefore, I am Queen!

Thanks to your wonderful hug, I'm feeling much more in the mood for some proper old fashioned blogging.

Last week I became the proud new owner of a bicycle! This time, she is a perfect fit for me, so many happy adventures are sure to follow. I'll now give you a little run down of my new baby:

She is a BSA, I think the model may be a Club Roadster, some investigation is needed.

Bought in 1930, the previous owner has the original receipt, but has mis-laid it, fingers crossed it will turn up

She has a single speed, which ideal for someone like me who is useless with gears!

A whopper of a bell, which sound like a telephone, or shop bell, it has a rather loud ding

A chain cover (only a half, not fully enclosed)

Dunlop sprung saddle, with matching saddlebag (Ideal for my make-up, as my Dad said!)

BSA rubber pedals

She had an ivory coloured Apex pump, but the washer had split, so I went o get a new one, and came away with a new pump instead! I'd be gutted if the Apex was stolen, so it will go on display and the Zefal will be the pump attached to the back.

I picked her up on the Thursday before last, following a rather exciting jaunt into the hills, and a few wrong turns - I blame AA Route Finder entirely, fine for straight forward journeys, but it doesn't understand country lanes too well!

So that's my girl, safely tucked away in the workshop until we get the nice weather back. I spent last week re-learning to ride. I'm rather wobbly and seem to emulate a 4 year old's first ride without stabilisers!

By the weekend I had discovered the joy of indicating, even though it was only on the yard. I'd never been able to remove my hands from the bars before... Well, I did, but ended up skirt over head in the hedge.
After this little achievement, I started riding without hands at all! I've yet to go out on the road, so not half as careless as it sounds.

Due to her impressive 81 year old status, I've started looking a bit into early 1930's get-up, but come across one problem. I now really want a cloche, I have one but it's in dire need of some TLC. I wants to knit one and thought I'd found the perfect pattern, but after finishing it, discovered I'd knitted a beanie! I'm too old to be a skateboarder, so it was soo unraveled and is now being knitted into a cardigan. Know of a suitable pattern?

Anyways, I'd best be off, work to do and all that.

Thank you once again, you really have helped

Queen Jennie of Carmarthen

(How fantastic does that sound?!)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

eBaying Problems - Help?

Not my jolly self today, for which I can only apologise, I'm actually in need of your help...

A few weeks back I sold my 1956 Rudge bicycle, in used condition. Everything worked, the gears, brakes etc.

The buyer then emailed me to say it was damaged:

The forks are bent - No they're not, vintage bikes have forks which can appear bent, this is the style of them.

The handlebar stem is bent - No again, no more than you'd expect in a vintage bike.

The gear cable was creased and it wouldn't change gear, so he's thrown away the cable - Well, he can't even work out how to get the front wheel in, so wouldn't be able to ride it to see that the gears work!

The bolts for the front mudguard are missing - No, one set are attached to the mudguard, and the other set attached to the front forks.

He's sent quite a few unkind emails, trying to make out I don't have a clue and asking me for half of his money back for his time and effort!

I obtained advice to email him back reguarding his concerns, from a qualified bicycle mechanic - The seller thinks I'm making this up!

Then, to make my day worse, leaves me negative feedback! Now I have 99%, and I've always been proud of my 100% positive feedback.

I, as a seller, cannot leave negative feedback and I'm pretty sick of him. He doesn't understand vintage bikes, or the fact that I'm not at my computer 24/7 to answer his emails.

eBay are less than helpful for me as a seller by suggesting I should refund him, depite the fact that he's already started throwing parts away!

What do I do my dear readers? I know this isn't the worst thing in the world, but it is upsetting, and I hate people who email me in such a rude manor.


Jennie xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Another award, I can't say I'm suprised, I am wonderful... I couldn't resist saying that! No, really, Thank You Bruce, I'm honoured.

This is the Liebster Blog Award, for bloggers with less than 300 followers (I have 82 now!).

I must now pass this on to some fellow bloggers, all of whom are just as wonderful as myself! I've stopped emailing reciepients of awards as some people aren't too bothered about them and I hate to hassle, all the bloggers named above are readers of this blog, so if you see your name, do a little dance!

Rocket Originals
Cheese Straws & Unsweet Tea
Land Girl 1980
Bake Do and Mend
Miss B's Daydreams
Porcelina's World
Tickety Boo Tupney

Right then folks, I must get outside now and do some digging whilst keeping an eye out for another courier.
I'll be back tomorrow or Friday with some shockingly fantastic news... If everything goes to plan!

Speak soon my lovelies

Jennie xx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Hello my lovely followers, there are now 80 of you, but how many of you are reading this? Not to worry, I take mini breaks from blogs also, and then catch up a few posts down the line. I don't know why I'm waffling on, it seems to be a speciality of mine! Anyway, to the post...

I was gobsmacked (I love this word!) by the "little" present me Ma found for me over the weekend:

Yes, my very own display cabinet! Unfortunatly, one of the glass doors was smashed getting it into the car, so I've left it door-less and I'm pretty sure it doesn't look odd. Though I do intend on buying a replacement sheet at some point... 4 years down the line?
The glass doors originally had a similar decoration to the mirrored back, but the previous owner had managed to clean it all off! Ooops, I don't think it was intentional. She had also broken the original glass shelves when she'd bought it, so there are replacement shelves in now, one of which has a chip out of it! The poor cabinet!

I'm only keep my 50's/60's pieces in this one, and hoping to get one of those rounded Art Deco cabinets for my 1930's pieces... Anyone seen one cheap?

Oooh, I've finished the back for the 1934 Chevron Jumper, and now I'm on the front. I had to take a break after almost 5 inches of single rib, I was bored to tears! But no worry, I started again last night and almost completed the first row of chevrons - Yay!

I mentioned in my last post that I was getting my hair cut... I did it! I wanted to let it settle and regain it's natural curl before smothering it in chemicals, so I don't have a photo yet - I'm convinced I look like the fourth member of Hanson! mmmbop...

I was sure of other news before starting to write this, I just can't remember now. I'm sure my brain is having a Spring Clean, which will explain why it can't find anything!
I'm also having a huge Spring Clean, finally sorting out my many boxes to eBay, Boot Sale and Donate to charity. Do I really need 14 similar kitsch jam pots? (please say no!)

I'm currently waiting in for a courier to arrive... If he can hurry up a bit I might be able to get out and enjoy the clear blue skies and sunshine this afternoon... I want to get down the beach before the tourists find it.

I'd better be off, knitting to knit and people to wait for, plus, I will ramble even more if we don't say goodbye now!
Hopefully, I'll have a photo for you tomorrow of my nifty new hair

Ta ta

Jennie xx

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday Bicycle Trouble Outifit Post

Good Morning All,

I realised last Thursday that I just post enough outfit pictures... Probably because I don't take many, nd the ones I do take are rejected because they were taken in the mirror and I'm pulling a "mug-shot" face! This is entirely down to my inability to get the self-timer to work.

On Thursday, after lunch, we took a walk over the back, a mile or so, to go and vote in the referendum. On the way back, some photos were taken, here's the best of an awful bunch!

Coat (modern) - Present from my Gran
Beret (Accessorize) - Boot-Sale
Elk Scarf - Hand knitted by me
30's/40's Leather Bag - Charity Shop
White Scottie Brooch - Hand made by me
40's zip-up bootees - eBay
Leather CC41 gloves - eBay
 I was also invited to a picnic on Llansteffan beach on Friday afternoon. We were terrier-ised by a little black dog who smelt sandwiches, after a scuffle, we started eating only to discover we were eating sand-wiches! Gritty!

Then, this weekend I cleaned up my bicycle... I bought her a few weeks back, but the wrong size was given, and she is far too big for me! So after a thorough clean and some photos, she's made her way onto eBay. If I can get my money back, I can buy another bike - The sun's becoming a common sight, and I can't even go out and cycle!

Rudge - Britain's Best Bicycle
 Although I didn't have a place on the Tweed Run, I did intend on riding 10 miles that day with a Tweed theme... I just need a smaller bike! If she was just two inches smaller, she'd be perfect for me - 1956 Rudge in deep red... bliss

I also listed my Dad's late 1940's (?) Raleigh, and it seems I'm getting the bug for listing on eBay again, which is a good thing, I've been living in clutter for too long now!

But enough about me, how are you on this fine Shrove Tuesday?

Jennie xx