Friday, 27 May 2011

Vintage Finds

Alright there my lovelies?

Charlie is settling in nicely, he must be fairly happy as he's already come home with two mice... Well, I think the second one may have been a vole, but I was too busy squeeling and trying to get away to really take note!

Anyway, enough of that. I'll show you some of my best finds over the past few weeks, starting with this picture:

This reminded me a bit of the wedding mirror I have, so I had to get it... To match..
It has a chain to hang it up, like the many crinoline lady mirrors I have... Did I say many? Yes I did!
I thought this was lovely and seasidey, and I just can't turn down vintage...

Yesterday I was punished with yet more rain, but it was fine rain, which to me is worse, it tickles and gets in my eyes. But one charity shop came up with this:

A Radio Times cover! I don't get the Radio Times, and this is too big for TV Choice, but how could I say no? Please excuse the creases, I was so excited to show you, I haven't washed or ironed it yet.

That brings me on to  another item, which comes with a question...

This is a Matita suit which although fits me, is a little too big, but it fits my mannequin like a charm! My question is: Does anyone know anything about Matita? I've searched, but haven't found anything, other than a few adverts.

This actually brings up another question, do I sell? It's a horrible moment when you realise a fibreglass body fits into your clothes better than you do!

So I hope you're all well, and see you next week, when I'll have hopefully finished the 1934 Chevron jumper... Don't hold your breath!

Jennie & Charlie xx

P.S. I'll also tell you all about my gorgeous new dentist!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Boys In Shorts And Girls In Ties

What on Earth happened to Blogger? I was going out of my mind without my daily reads! So I'm going to do something rather unusual, and blog on a Saturday, but I'll reward myself with a Sunday outing if the weather holds (fingers crossed).

Maybe you'd like to see a few more pictures from the bag...

First up, this lovely is the spitting image of my neighbour's son, who is married, sorry girls!

This is a photo of a photo of a photo. The boy sat at the very front has a little anchor on his top, awww.

It was agreed last time I posted photos that girls and ties are a good combination, so here's another example of just such a match:

Coate + Norah at the 'Country'
Man with shorts and long socks (and a cigarette), girl with sunglasses, girl with ribbon in hair, girl with puppy... My guide to creating a wonderful photo.

And finally, another picnic in the country, Denise is back (second on the left), there's a girl in a blazer (back), a tennis racket, a Thermos, a nifty hat and my favourite, the girl on the far left is wearing wellies - I live in my wellies come rain or shine!

I hope you're all having a wonderful start to the weekend, we'll catch up on Monday?

Jennie and Charlie xx

Friday, 6 May 2011

Silly Season Comes Early

Crumbs on my plate, where does the time go?

The day after my last post, I wore this:

It's an outfit much worn last year, and I'm sure will be much worn this year too.
The jumper with a yacht motif was hand knitted by me, shorty clam diggers are vintage, and the tennis shoes are modern.

The odd pose is possibly down to "silly season" coming so early, I'm not used to such warm weather, so if it comes back again, be prepared for salutes, jumping and bicycle tricks in my photos!

Any hoo, I mentioned going to visit someone special, well, two weeks ago yesterday, he moved in...

Meet Charlie, former stray, now a confirmed house cat. He's about two years old, lovely tickles, digging up onions and chasing my hair when I'm asleep!
He has a shocking amount of energy, but also loves sleeping, washing and eating... He seems to have "rounded out" since he got here.

So apart from this, I had a trip to Llanelli, my Grandparents visited, my Uncle stayed for a weekend, my Brother is visiting this weekend and I found a stunner of a picture in a charity shop but forgot to photograph it! Oh, and voting was yesterday, we had three papers each this time... I do love crosses!

Hopefully I'll have some outfit type posts after the weekend, fingers crossed to a little rain (enough to keep farmers and gardeners happy) and plenty of sunshine.


Jennie and Charlie xx