Monday, 21 January 2013

How Many Inches Did You Get Over The Weekend?

A proper Good Morning, I'm now feeling bright and breezy thanks to Lucy... Thank you!

So now I'm getting to grips with Picasa Web Albums - Yet another thing I will struggle to use and will probably forget how to by next week! But never the less, let us enjoy this blog, it's been in the pipeline since Friday, and it's such a relief to be writing it and knowing that the chances of adding snaps is very high!

So... A bit of the white stuff (snow!) of Wednesday evening just to remind us what it looked like, then I awake not-very-bright and early (7am, I ask you!) on Friday to discover we were snowed it - Glorious stuff!

Charlie was not best pleased, but at least he was warm in front of the Rayburn!

It's just started snowing again, just as it looked like it was melting away - When do I call Ma to inform her to get back home? I'll leave it a bit, it's still light and not sticking. Anyway, Friday morning, there were a few inches, about five or six, and then it continued!

This was about 8am on Friday, just before the farmer down the lane called on us to make sure we were alright - Bless.

The weekend as a whole was wonderful though. Hunkered down in front of the woodburner watch Pride & Prejudice (with Colin Firth thank you very much, the only version worth watching!) and also North & South, with the delectable Richard Armitage, swoon! That accent gets me every time, by 'eck it does!

And as a thank you to dear Lucy, who saved this blog and my sanity, here's some knitty news:

I've been knitting a 1937 something, it's day 14 today and I'm loving the pattern, the instructions are easy to follow and the wool is lovely - But it feels so slow! I've completed the back, and I'm half way up the left front - Bet you don't know what it is! But I'll add one more thing, I had to knit in a pocket, which provides me with endless joy (yes, really!). But I'm not even half way done, there's loads to knit and a few more balls of wool to buy.

But here's a picture of the pattern. The colour is gorgeous on the photo, but it's not true! It's actually a claret (between a deep red and brown), not the purple it appears to be. But nice detail?

So that's me done for the day, I'll be finishing up my hot chocolate and hoping for enough snow to keep me indoors with Middlemarch, Emma or Wuthering Heights - Decisions!

Keep warm and take care

Jennie xxx

Let The Obscenities Commence

'Ello Duckettes,

I've been trying to post since Friday but have run into an issue... When I try to upload a picture (onto the blogglette), the button flashes away as soon as the box opens, and I have no way to upload snaps!
I've tried Flickr, but it won't work either and I can't very well use a webcam (don't have one), nor a phone (don't have one).

Please come to my rescue someone, I'm sure the answer is obvious and I'm just being a bit of a plum!

Yours Faithfully

Jennie Charm G.C.S.E.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Airman, The Mugs And The Soldiers

'Ello Ducklings!

Five months since my last post, but I'm back now, and I'm excited to get going again.

We'll start off today with a little round-up of Christmas. It was a quiet-ish affair, but I did get some lovely things, including a yard of Jaffa Cakes! They do count as one of your five-a-day, along with Jammie Dodgers...

I knew I was receiving the next two pieces as I hinted towards them, then imagine my surprise when I unwrapped them!

One more for the collection?
And this... I was really excited about this one as I've yet to see another one, even though they obviously do exist - It'll turn out that all you lot own one!

Awarded to me for services to vintage!
Then it was on to New Year's Eve - I spent mine with Mama, Auntie J., Uncle B. and their friend, G. We spent a few hours chatting and have a gay old time, before hopping into the car to head off to the free fireworks display in Saundersfoot - I really can't believe that they wouldn't charge for a such a good display... Though I'm not complaining!

We got into the car to return at about 12.15 ish, as it was getting a bit rowdy (screaming drunk teenagers... charming) and this was on the radio, much to our delight - Sing along now!

We came back here for tea, and more chat, then I finally made it to bed around 2.30am! Before I donned me jim-jams, I had a really good chat with Uncle B. about The South Wales Borderers in connection to some "tat" I own - There's more discussion to be had, but there will be a dedicated post on all this... Watch this space!

Then, yesterday, it was my Burpday - Again, many hints led to a wonderful present:

At last!
 This may shock you, but I've never seen the first series - I wasn't allowed to watch it on the telly-box! I'm four episodes in.... Naughty Lady Mary, such a straight character, but what a story! Safe to say, this should keep me quiet for a few hours!

Also, before I forget, and whilst I'm rounding up everything... I was at the last of the antique fleas the other weekend and picked up a few goodies, less than last time though. The time before I found myself eleven handbags, this time, just three! Plus skirts, a Christmas card (which led to the South Wales Borderers discussion) and plenty more.

Anyway, this past time, I picked up these:

Maybe one more then!
This was in a £1 basket... £1! Could I really walk away at that price? Then I found this beauty:

1918 Peace Mug
And the back:

Presented in Cardiff!
 I've also paid a visit to one of my favourite antiques shop - I was talked into some sales, but I had to leave so much as his prices are bit high. But I picked up these two lovelies:

WW1 postcards
The one on the left is dated Jan. 31st 1918 - I'm having a spot of trouble reading it, so I'll have to get back to you, but it does mention their boy, Stanley (I think).

Oh, back to the flea, this photo caught my eye, as did the soldier in the bottom left - What a smile!

Bottom left - Swoon!
And back, once again, to the antiques shop - I realise I couldn't just edited this all, but I'm lazy today! What do you think of my new young man?

What's the word I'm looking for, dashing?
I fell for him months ago, but I really prefer to have my pictures ready-framed... I gave in and he agreed to come home with me - Should I re-phrase that?

I should've snapped the back for you. It's stamped with 'V.G. Studios - 9, Kendoa Rd. - Clapham. S.W.4.' and written on is 'D. Brown - Tanned slightly - Air Force' - It's a good size snap too, with the board around it - Just need a frame!

So, I think that's me done for the day. In the next month or so we'll have a chat about the South Wales Borderers, Christmas cards, soldiers, museums and a dream about Rorke's Drift (I kid you not!).

Anyway, I've had a lovely time, I hope you're still awake!

See you soon

Jennie xx