Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Spectator And The Slipper Slops


I know, it's been so long since last I spoke (thank Gawd you say). Well, I've found myself 40 minutes to spare and it's all yours!

First up, thank you for filling out that shoe survey I'd previously posted - Very helpful indeed. I forgot to photograph other shoes as the thank you, however, I did take some awful snaps of a pair close at hand. I'll give you the goss after this snap.

I fell in love at first sight with these lovelies. Oh go on then, you've talked me into it, here's another.

I'm not sure the laces are original though, or I've just never seen subtantial laces on vintage shoes? Anyways, the goss about the shoes? Well, I fell in love with them and duly bought them and fussed over them at home. Then I had to go out and left them, came back a few hours later and had another look, and discovered something delightful...

Yipee! A utility mark on the soles. When I'd first found them I thought they were late 1930s, but this has latened (if that's a word?) them a bit. At least I loved them before I discovered they're utility and didn't buy them just for that mark, like I have before. It's a bit like falling for a man, and then finding out he's a muti-millionaire... No, it hasn't happened for me yet either!

The shoes aren't the best of fits for me however, they're rather narrow, and my feet are rather average. Wouldn't these be great reproduced? I'd buy a pair, would you?

What else has happened... My afternoon camomile tea smiled at me.

I caused myself great injury laughing, seriously, you know when you laugh until your tummy aches? I carried on long after and was in agony all night - I don't have any photos of that though :)

I've been undertaking the November Vegan Challenge... Though I discovered just how little dairy is in my regular diet anyway, but in the past few days I've begun to really miss eggs, not in cakes or pancakes or anything so fancy, but boiled egg sandwich. I think Ma has really enjoyed me not eating eggs, she hates the smell of eggs cooking.
Ma was also on the challenge, though managed to slip up when she forgot that a potato & cheese pasty has cheese in it... And then again when she has her weekly cappuccino with her friends-wot-don't-lunch, and then with the slice of cheesecake she has whilst out shopping with her friend - I don't know how she does it!

I'm already fed up with Strictly, how has Mark been saved so many times? Especially when it was between him and Fiona! Grrr, it makes me so angry. I gave up watching a few years ago because I realised it must be fixed when I heard that Alesha Dixon was going to be a judge on the next series before she'd even won it. So I gave it up and decided to give it another chance this year.
Anyway for my tuppence I'd say Natalie will win it, she can do no wrong with the judges. If she doesn't win, I'll go a day without chocolate as punishment!

I got new slipper-slops - Not vintage at all, but so cosy!

Very unflattering to my calves this snap, but thankfully I'm a practical(ish) girl, I put comfort above looks at home.

I'll have to go soon, my back is aching. Being perched on a sofa with a laptop isn't comfy.

I was thinking of moving my blog. I'm constantly having problems with Blogger, it won't allow me to edit anymore and I'm just fed up that I can't dip in and out. Is WordPress any good? Would you follow me there? Do you love me enough?

If there are any spelling mistakes I can only apologise, I can't edit it!

I'm off to make dinner in a minute, then it'll be all done and I can have a sit down with a film. What's for dinner? Carrot, butternut squash and chickpea stew with cous-cous.

Ah, go on then, one more snap, then I've got to go. It's not a good snap, but I like how bad it is, and it has a shoe in it!

Anyways, bye for now. I'll be back shortly, and by shortly I mean within a week, not my usual 2-3 months!

Jennie x