Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Irresistibly Sweet

As I mentioned in my last post, I couldn't think of 7 random facts about myself, so instead asked you to ask the questions... Well two of you did!

The blog was given to me by Sew Something Vintage - Thank you

And the questions...

Lucey asked: I'd like to know if you have any tattoos and if so where??

No I wussed out of going in due to my hatred of needles, but considering the tattoos I'd be sporting now, it was probably for the best - Not that I criticise those of you who have ever-lasting doodles, they're great, just not for me (now)

Kate asked:  How do you knit so quickly??

Well, I've been trying to stick to one project at a time (ignoring the several half finished jumpers and bag hidden in the prject bag!). It's also practice, and spending up to 13 hours a day knitting (only on grotty days when I'm at home). So to sum up, stick to one piece, knit until your fingers are about to drop off and also knit something you're desperate to wear.

Well, there you have it. Lucey and Kate, the award belongs to you two now, go forth and blog!

Although back to the knitting, the 1937 Trellis Yoke jumper which has a finished back, and knitted right up to the armholes has forced me to put it to bed for now - The pattern is well and truly twisted, plus it looks a mess compared with their close-up picture, so I'm going to re-write the yoke part of the pattern, and it should be finished in, oooh, 10 years?
Fear not my children, I picked up the needles straight away and started knitting a jumper to make you weep with delight (well, maybe), it's half rib, but on number 10s and 9s! Knitting an Autumnal jumper seems a bit silly when I'm roasting like a chicken today, but here's a pic of it as of 1.30pm today (it's grown since then!)

Chocolate brown, although we don't mention the C word anymore, not until the weekend, when that Orange Aero will be safely hidden in my tum tum!

Anyhoo hoo, must dash, work to do and all that jazz

Jennie xx


  1. I love all your beautiful job with needles!! I am very impressed of your skill with them ....

  2. Wonderful job! I'm new to your blog and I already love it! I'm a historical reenactor, and it's always good to meet other historically-inclined folks. Since you don't have the "Name & URL" option enabled, here's where you can find me: