Saturday, 14 May 2011

Boys In Shorts And Girls In Ties

What on Earth happened to Blogger? I was going out of my mind without my daily reads! So I'm going to do something rather unusual, and blog on a Saturday, but I'll reward myself with a Sunday outing if the weather holds (fingers crossed).

Maybe you'd like to see a few more pictures from the bag...

First up, this lovely is the spitting image of my neighbour's son, who is married, sorry girls!

This is a photo of a photo of a photo. The boy sat at the very front has a little anchor on his top, awww.

It was agreed last time I posted photos that girls and ties are a good combination, so here's another example of just such a match:

Coate + Norah at the 'Country'
Man with shorts and long socks (and a cigarette), girl with sunglasses, girl with ribbon in hair, girl with puppy... My guide to creating a wonderful photo.

And finally, another picnic in the country, Denise is back (second on the left), there's a girl in a blazer (back), a tennis racket, a Thermos, a nifty hat and my favourite, the girl on the far left is wearing wellies - I live in my wellies come rain or shine!

I hope you're all having a wonderful start to the weekend, we'll catch up on Monday?

Jennie and Charlie xx


  1. Love these photos, you just cant beat old photos. Have a fabulous weekend Scarlett x

  2. Ahhh these photos are great! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend too!

  3. How cute, I love the girls in ties, reminds me of Lena Hoschek's new collection. Fantastic post! x