Sunday, 13 May 2012

I'm Back, I'm Thankful And I Have Boot Sale Booty!

Hello Ducks,

Did you miss me? Don't answer that :)

Four weeks since he been gone, and more importantly, since I been gone from the blog! But fret no more, I am back, I am once again smiling like a cat with a hanger in his mouth and I have loads upon loads to write about!

First up however, I wish to say a heartfelt thank you for all your kind words and wishes, we have both taken a lot of comfort from them and will probably never be able to converse the appropriate words in which to thank you. Thank you x

Now, not much has "gone down" since we last spoke, the main news being: We no longer have a telly! It gets a bit complicated with the names on the licence etc, so Ma told them we no longer watch a live stream of telly (BBC are just repeating repeats anyway!) and unplugged the aerial so we no longer have a signal.
With that £145 a year saving (!!!), we can have a few extra DVDs every now and then the first of which being Open All Hours, a boxset for just £11.99 on Amazon! That's over 12 hours viewing for under £12.
We have seen a few things on the iPlayer (Not Going Out) and 4OD (Homeland, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory), but not live... No need to dip into the pocket!

I've just realised how awfully boring I am! Apologies

Something more up our street? I've attended only 2 boot sales in 4 weeks - Shock-o-rama! Oh and a charity shop or two, Ma nabbed this rather nifty table for only... £8! The only reason she got it was because she's quicker at drawing her purse than me, thanks to her jumble sale practise!

I'm so embarrassed about that floor!
At the first boot sale, I found these buttons:

There was a whole big basket full of little bags, each filled with a few buttons. The prices were rather steep, so I allowed myself one bag only... I picked the best ones!

At the second, I actually turned some things down to try and avoid clutter... Too late really, but I am in the middle of the Mother of all clear outs, the C.A.T. charity shop will be doing really well out of me!
Anyway, the first bargain of the morn was this Silver Jubilee tin from 1935...

The condition leaves a lot to be desired, but none the less, I couldn't leave them there... Them?

I said to myself, I refuse to pay more than £2 for this tin, which was buried with the broken stuff on a bit of a junk stall... £1 lighter and I have my tin - My Gran thinks I overpaid!

Then the next item(s), I looked, then walked away thinking they were too expensive, but had a good ole think and returned, haggled and was victorious! They are mine...

A Coty compact alone would make my heart flutter! I think it's circa 1935 because of the stamp-y thingy on the back... Please words, return to me! However, it will not open! The lid moves, but the button press won't push in... Grandad suggested using a lump hammer, just to see the "noooooooo" look on my face! We'll get it open one day, maybe a crisp £20 is wedging it shut?

So, that was a rather long post! I honestly didn't expect it to be so easy to write today, maybe my Grandparent's visit today helped more than I realised.
I must get back to eBaying now, I have a huge pile of clothes to go on, and as soon as they're sold, I can buy some more!

Thank you once again

Jennie, Ma and Charlie xxx