Thursday, 22 September 2011

Question Time With Jennie Dimbleby

Well well well, you've caught me at the moment in which I'm trying to look busy and in truth, I am well and truly stumped. Here's the deal: I have been awarded The Irresistibly Sweet Award by Sew Something Vintage (thank you), but part of the deal is that I have to give 7 random facts about myself... I cannot think of a single one, you know everything there is to know!

So, I propose that you ask me a question or several, and my favourites will be answered and if you have a blog, you will receive this award... Deal?

Oh, and about that 16 day jumper - I made a stupid mistake, it wasn't 16 days, I took a day off to do a spot of sewing for someone... It was 15 days

Enough showing off, the basket weave jumper I mentioned, well, after a lot of minor swearing (fiddlesticks and the like) and throwing the giant ball of wool across the room, I gave up! Well, I say that, it's been put in a bag for a later date. I was knitting the sleeve and discovered I had trouble counting to 6, so kept changing after 5 - I don't know why, but also the jumper is in 2-ply and felt very light and thin, so it's a Spring jumper - It will be finished for next Spring (ho ho ho).

In the meantime, I've picked up my sticks and some surplus wool and started a really simple, and a bit plain jumper from 1937. It's a mustard-y colour and has a lacey detail on the yoke. Almost finished the back, but it seems to be taking an age - It might just be a 30 day jumper at this rate!

I'll be back with some answers (if you ask my anything!), and hopefully a bit more of a jumper

All my best wishes to you on this changeable Thursday afternoon

Jennie xx


  1. I'd like to know if you have any tattoos and if so where?? The new jumper you're knitting sounds wonderful, Lucey x

  2. Here is my question: How do you knit so quickly??