Friday, 16 December 2011

Don't Panic!

Well, hello! 6 weeks has it been? However long, it's been too long. All my plans had to put on hold so that I could discover and experience every possible emotion. Turmoil being number one, closely followed by helplessness, and I'd love to say everything's back on track now, but I've lost about 5 weeks, and now Christmas is next week... And I'm not prepared, everything seems to be going ?%£'s up, as my Great Aunt Dot says!

But that's enough of my whinging, I managed to get myself out to the Reindeer Parade about 3 weeks ago, it wasn't a well planned event and I must admit to feeling a slight bit disappointed, but I got to see Reindeer, and I love Reindeer - I wasn't in charge of the camera, so I am not to blame for a camera full of out of focus snaps, but this one may just redeem them all...

Those gorgeous bells remind me of The Polar Express... Have you seen it? Probably my favourite of the festive flicks, it's in the pile to watch. Speaking of which, The Chap and I are having a dinner & film week starting tonight, though we have too many films, so over the weekend, I think it will have to be two o'clockses & film & dinner & film - The list includes: The Polar Express, It's A Wonderful Life, The Santa Clause, Santa Claus: The Movie, Mrs Santa Claus, Santa Who?, Muppet's Christmas Carol and three others which are wrapped up and early presents to me to pick at random to watch - Nifty idea, huh?

As for dinner, he's cooking and I'm making the pud - Though I'm struggling to come up with enough ideas for a whole week, I'm trying to keep them indulgent, but not too heavy - Ideas?

My cuppa's gone cold, so I'll have to keep this brief unless someone wants to pop the kettle on for me.

My sewing has been abandoned also, though I managed to find the energy to make some of these reindeer brooches:

No time to make a reindeer jumper though, but I will be starting one in the New Year to ensure I will have it for December next! I have bought the wool to knit a scarf for the Chap, but I would like to ask a question: I want it to be maybe 200cm in length, and I want to knit it side-on, but my needles are too short... Do you know of any really long needles? Or should I make some? Or should I just knit it rib (which I'm not a fan of)???

I think that's me done for the day, I could sleep for 23 hours a day and I'd still be tired! Dinner and film tonight - I hear on the grapevine it's mushroom and bean stew, but I haven't sorted a pud yet... Old Fashioned Chocolate Pudding?

Oh, ladies, chaps, I need your advice: Christmas Eve... The Chap wants me to stay at his and walk up to my family in the morning, but I like waking up at home and having a little stocking at the end of my bed (which Father Christmas warned me not to expect due to the financial situation). Now, I'm torn, do I spend Christmas Eve (my favourite day of the festive season) with the Chap, or with my family? And I can't do both, it's far too stressful!

I'll leave you with that conundrum

Over and out

Jennie xx