Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Hello my lovely followers, there are now 80 of you, but how many of you are reading this? Not to worry, I take mini breaks from blogs also, and then catch up a few posts down the line. I don't know why I'm waffling on, it seems to be a speciality of mine! Anyway, to the post...

I was gobsmacked (I love this word!) by the "little" present me Ma found for me over the weekend:

Yes, my very own display cabinet! Unfortunatly, one of the glass doors was smashed getting it into the car, so I've left it door-less and I'm pretty sure it doesn't look odd. Though I do intend on buying a replacement sheet at some point... 4 years down the line?
The glass doors originally had a similar decoration to the mirrored back, but the previous owner had managed to clean it all off! Ooops, I don't think it was intentional. She had also broken the original glass shelves when she'd bought it, so there are replacement shelves in now, one of which has a chip out of it! The poor cabinet!

I'm only keep my 50's/60's pieces in this one, and hoping to get one of those rounded Art Deco cabinets for my 1930's pieces... Anyone seen one cheap?

Oooh, I've finished the back for the 1934 Chevron Jumper, and now I'm on the front. I had to take a break after almost 5 inches of single rib, I was bored to tears! But no worry, I started again last night and almost completed the first row of chevrons - Yay!

I mentioned in my last post that I was getting my hair cut... I did it! I wanted to let it settle and regain it's natural curl before smothering it in chemicals, so I don't have a photo yet - I'm convinced I look like the fourth member of Hanson! mmmbop...

I was sure of other news before starting to write this, I just can't remember now. I'm sure my brain is having a Spring Clean, which will explain why it can't find anything!
I'm also having a huge Spring Clean, finally sorting out my many boxes to eBay, Boot Sale and Donate to charity. Do I really need 14 similar kitsch jam pots? (please say no!)

I'm currently waiting in for a courier to arrive... If he can hurry up a bit I might be able to get out and enjoy the clear blue skies and sunshine this afternoon... I want to get down the beach before the tourists find it.

I'd better be off, knitting to knit and people to wait for, plus, I will ramble even more if we don't say goodbye now!
Hopefully, I'll have a photo for you tomorrow of my nifty new hair

Ta ta

Jennie xx


  1. Hey great cabinet its great when they have a bit of history to go with them ;-) sounds like you have been really busy, take care dee x

  2. That cabinet is fantastic! I hope you make it out to enjoy the sunshine today!

  3. Great cabinet - looks fab with all your vintage bits inside. Scarlett x

  4. I think the cabinet looks great. Since I've never seen it with the doors I don't think it looks like something's missing. Look forward to seeing the new "do". :D

  5. Cabinet looks great- love its legs! I’m too on the look out for a round thirties one, but in my case I don’t have the space, so I’m only on the hunt in my dreams! Oh, and I do like a nice coolie hat- owning three myself, I appreciate such wonders…. I say you can never have too many hats!
    Tups xxx

  6. Oh I so need a cabinet, my toddler had a friend round to play today who managed to smash one of my vases - guess it's my fault for not having them under lock and key. Although I suppose yours wouldn't do me, with no doors - it's very pretty though.

  7. Thank you all. I made it out into the sunshine!! Sorry to hear of your vase, Lakota.
    Tickety: I don't really have the space for another cabinet either, but it wouldn't stop me if I found one! xx

  8. I always read your blog!
    Great cabinet, and I think it looks ok doorless. The mirrored back is a good pattern as well.
    Love your coolie hats - I have a few myself.


  9. Nice cabinet - nothing like a little long-term project, especially if you can still keep stuff in it as you go along, eh? ;-) I'd join the queue for a '30s style one too, though!

    I've given you a little blog award, by the way: