Thursday, 24 June 2010

New Beginnings

And maybe an introduction would be nice? Well of course..

I'm Jenny, I live in Wales (land of the sheep and cheap dragon toys!) and I am a collector (some may say hoarder) of vintage clothing and accessories. I spend too much money on clothes, I spend too much time watching films and spend too little time paying attention to the real world. I knit obsessively and sew for my supper.
I have a cat who is embarassed to be seen with me and a family who don't understand me.

I'm desperately hoping that blogging can save me enough money to buy me a bicycle.. pink with a wicker basket and handlebar tassles, please. I figure that the more time I spend here, the less time I spend on eBay, etsy, folksy and all those deliously gorgeous reproduction vintage websites.

Oh, and I ramble on.. A lot!