Monday, 4 May 2015

What A Numpty

Yes, it's me!
It really is!

I really cannot contain my excitement at being back, all proper like! I'll give you the quickest version of what happened:

Well, Blogger was playing up and wouldn't let me post properly. So I tried another blog, no luck. I thought all was lost and I'd just have to be a non-blogger once more.
However, I was on etsy and it was always telling me my browser was out of date... Wait for the penny to drop... Ooh, maybe if I update the browser I might get the blog to work.

Yes, for the sake of an out-of-date browser, I was without a blog! Numpty moment or what?!

So, this is me back for good - If you're hearing Take That right now, good on you!

Life has been it's usual unpredictable self since we last spoke. Though I'm still in my house (for now, it's still a waiting game!), my cat was very nearly a goner, but he's thankful pulled through and will now be on medication for life (a small price to pay). What else? Oh, my etsy shop was reopened to sell sewing patterns.

Gosh, I'm really stuck now, so much happens, yet remembering it seems a chore!
We had a lovely Easter, with cake!

Maybe, if I can't think of the past, I ought to tell you about my future plans?

A holiday coming up, only at home mind, I love having a holiday at home, exploring the delights within an hour or two of home and then being able to curl up at the end of the night in your own bed... Bliss.
I have a huge list of places to visit this year, but I fear a week won't cut it, so I think a whole week, plus many days dotted about throughout the year. Hopefully I'll be able to tempt into holidaying in Wales this year?

I'm really sorry, I'm so giddy about my blog working that I just don't know what to say... Maybe I should just leave it there and not say much more at all?

Alright, until next time (which will be when I remember half of what I want to say!)
I should be back soon though, a regular post just to make up for the missing ones.


Jennie xx