Friday, 9 August 2013

Not More Tat! She Cried

Hullo Ducks!

Where has the time gone? I'm just going to tease you today, I've been busy since the end of July and seem set to continue in this manor until well into Autumn. Not that I'm complaining, I love what I'm doing and hope it can continue.

On the subject of busy, could I beg you a favour? Next week I'll be uploading (if I can work out how to do it!) a survey. It'll be interesting (ish) and I'll try and keep it short. Would you be able to fill it out for me? And if possible, pass it around you chums too.

T'other week, when t'sun was t'out (it's one of those days!) I had a very unusualy afternoon with Ma. We sat out in the yard and watched Wimbledon on a portable player - That being Wimbledon the film, not the actual tennis matches (I don't have a TV, so can't tune in, though I do use the ketchup (catch up) services). With strawberries and clotted cream and drinkies. It was a really hot day, so that might account for watching a film outside in the afternoon.

I also picked up a new pair of shoes, well two actually. I got these striped flats and another pair of the same style in a red paisley pattern. Not vintage, but perfect shoes for running errands, and they seem to go well with vintage outfits - Hurrah!

The skirt is fairly new too, from the charity shop in the kids section - Still the size of a 12 year old! It's actually a dress, I was going to cut off the top as it a red and white hooped jersey, but it's so easy to throw on in the sun... Well, the top is safe for now! Plue, it matches the shoes!

Anyway, enough of that for now. I had no plans for another post of finds, but here we are again!

A few weeks ago, or was it last week? Anyway, sometime in the past, Mama was given a cabinet from her friend. It was intended for my sewing room, so we hauled it upstairs. Fast forward 24 hours and Ma thinks it woul look good in the living room - Yes, I did grumble! So we got it downstairs and it's now living in the corner being well used. It's stuffed with records, and the modern record machine is up top. I put a handful of my books on the bottom shelf, just to fill it a bit. Wish I could tidy up all my books... Then again, I'm not a tidy person!

The same friend also gave me a bag of vintage buckles, very tasty little numbers. I don't have a snap of them, but I'll have to be back with one as I can't work out how one of them works! I should probably ask a 5 year old, they'd know!

Then at the flea I picked up quite a few things, again, I just didn't take snaps of most of it, though I do have one of this little hankie. It needs a iron, but I couldn't wait to get a snap for you. It will has the original price tag sewn on!

It's dated 1937, in case you couldn't read past the creases.
Yesterday I was in a new-to-me antiques shop and was faced with what must be well over 50 coronation/jubilee mugs! I managed to leave most of them, just one came home with me! This is an 1887 jubilee mug with Ickle Vicky:

And yes, that is the mother of all cracks. It also has a few old chips (not the potato variety!). But she was cheap, and I thought I'd give her a home as there are plenty of people who won't touch damaged tat, fussy bu.. people!

Also in the same lovely (it's really the best!) shop I saw this ring. I walked away, I came back. I said that if it came out of the cabinet for a look, I'd end up buying it and was about to walk when the lady called over and said that the cabinet was open if I wanted a look... Darn it! She didn't realise who was on the ring, which probably accounts for the price! It's also teeny tiny and only fits on my ickle finger. This is the best snap I could get:

Nice, huh?

Anyway, I think I'm done for now, but I'll be back to annoy you with survey if that's alright?

See you soon, and in the words of my dear Desmond, Bye for now

Jennie xx