Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday Bicycle Trouble Outifit Post

Good Morning All,

I realised last Thursday that I just post enough outfit pictures... Probably because I don't take many, nd the ones I do take are rejected because they were taken in the mirror and I'm pulling a "mug-shot" face! This is entirely down to my inability to get the self-timer to work.

On Thursday, after lunch, we took a walk over the back, a mile or so, to go and vote in the referendum. On the way back, some photos were taken, here's the best of an awful bunch!

Coat (modern) - Present from my Gran
Beret (Accessorize) - Boot-Sale
Elk Scarf - Hand knitted by me
30's/40's Leather Bag - Charity Shop
White Scottie Brooch - Hand made by me
40's zip-up bootees - eBay
Leather CC41 gloves - eBay
 I was also invited to a picnic on Llansteffan beach on Friday afternoon. We were terrier-ised by a little black dog who smelt sandwiches, after a scuffle, we started eating only to discover we were eating sand-wiches! Gritty!

Then, this weekend I cleaned up my bicycle... I bought her a few weeks back, but the wrong size was given, and she is far too big for me! So after a thorough clean and some photos, she's made her way onto eBay. If I can get my money back, I can buy another bike - The sun's becoming a common sight, and I can't even go out and cycle!

Rudge - Britain's Best Bicycle
 Although I didn't have a place on the Tweed Run, I did intend on riding 10 miles that day with a Tweed theme... I just need a smaller bike! If she was just two inches smaller, she'd be perfect for me - 1956 Rudge in deep red... bliss

I also listed my Dad's late 1940's (?) Raleigh, and it seems I'm getting the bug for listing on eBay again, which is a good thing, I've been living in clutter for too long now!

But enough about me, how are you on this fine Shrove Tuesday?

Jennie xx


  1. Me? I was miserable until I saw your outfit! Especially the coat :) And - such a shame the bike is too big - she be a beauty! :)

  2. Gorgeous outfit and I love that coat

    P.S. Beautiful bike too - just right for a vintage ride.

  3. Great outfit - lovely picture. I quite fancy myself on a vintage bike, but given that I can scarcely stay on a modern one, I'm not sure it would be the best idea...I like to be able to reach the ground with ease!

  4. Love the outfit ooh and the new profile piccy, very glam!
    Thanks for the Shrove Tuesday reminder I had completely forgot! Mmmm, pancakes!!

  5. Down with the flu today but your post reminded me of sunny lovely days to come and it cheered me up! Thanks! :D

  6. It is a lovely picture hun. I am jealous of your knitting!! And bike!! x