Monday, 27 February 2012

Let's Make A Date In Our Notebook

First thing first - The weight of the 1949 Really Charming jumper is 6 oz, making Brittany's guess of 5.5 oz the closest. I can't believe how much wool it took, I'm feeling a bit cheated by the promise of it only taking 4 oz... never mind

But moving on from that is this cardi. Beautifully named the Date Maker, from 1946. I made this one up in red wool, which cost me just £1... I found a jumper on a £1 rail in a charity shop, the cable work was fantastic, but it was one of the most shapeless jumpers I've ever seen - So I bought it knowing something could be done, in the end, unrunning it was the best option.

I'm afraid I'm only doing "on the hanger" snaps right now, I'm in no mood for posing. It does look better on... I promise!

Any fans of "The Notebook" may recognise this one too, Ally wears a red Date Maker on her first date with Noah...

Awful snap, but just look at her cardi!
The buckle I was going to use was half the size required, but then I found this creamy one along with a black one in a chairty shop for 20p... 20p for two! I'm not sure whether to replace it at some point, we'll see how it goes.

If you too would like to knit a Date Maker, the pattern is available here, for free!

I'd better say my good-bye for now, work to do, tea to drink!


Jennie xx

Friday, 24 February 2012

Really Charming In 1949

I find myself getting fustrated quite often when it comes to finding my next knitting project - I have a huge shelf (or 5!) filled with patterns, yet I always find myself back online looking for something else. But towards the end of January, I found a booklet lurking underneath everything else - The claim was that the jumpers contained within would only use 4 ounces of wool. Then I found "The Jumper", aptly named "Really Charming". When you name your blog "It's a Charmed Life", you really want a jumper to match, right?

So there you have it, I liked the name of the jumper, and the small amount of wool required, so I knitted it... I daudled quite a bit as I have so many other things on the go, but none the less, it's finished:

Apologies for a less than beautiful snap, it's a bit dull here, and I was so excited just to finally take a photo I didn't bother setting it up, or weighing it!

Place your bets, does the jumper weigh 4 ounces? I will be weighing it and letting you know next time, there will be no prizes but you will be entitled to feel smug if you get it right :)

I'm so taken with this booklet I'm already planning on the next project. Pink, I think.

Oh, and just in case you're interested, the booklet wasn't dated, but I found an advert in there for a Summer school starting in July 1949 - Good enough for me!

That's about all I have to say for myself today, just to let you know I'm alive and have finished something (at last!). I have finished the cardi, but have yet to take snaps. Now I only have six knitting pieces to finish!

So I'll say good-bye now, wishing you all a lovely day

Jennie xx