Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Just a Bit of News

Hello you!

Yep, after all that hassle I didn't even bother with the blog! Though never fear, I am here now, so lets get going, yes?

Well, I set to work trying to take control of some of the hedging around the house, of which there is plenty. It gets cut on the top and on the field side, but as there's no room down the side of the house to get the tractor, it has to be done by Jennie Power!

Well, I was out there with loppers cutting at the blackthorn (nasty stuff), trying to avoid it coming down on my face (my face, my beautiful face!) and made room to show off some of the more delicate specimens, such as this pink thing (gardeners will be impressed with my naming, I'm sure):

I also found two new Oak trees in the making, so I'm going to cut around them and pop them behind the chicken fencing so they have something to lean against whilst they grow big and strong. To think, the Oaks I really admire are hundreds of years old, and I'm not going to get to see these in their prime. Quite sad really.

My pussy cat has made it into another year, it was touch-and-go. He was rushed into the kitty hospital at the end of November, operated on, and looked a very sad sight. The vet warned he might not make it through the operation, then when he did, he wasn't doing well and she seemed to think that was it for him.

But he's a little soldier, and pulled through. Though it was a worrying few months, but he got through a month of hospital food (better for cats than humans it seems!) and I picked myself up off the floor after seeing how much his bill was - Seriously, a second-hand car or the cat! Those vets know how to charge, and nope, before you ask, no insurance!

Anyway, here's my boy, all happy and off a-hunting for voles:

Any bit of sun and I've been out, not only doing the hedge (just the front to finish off, before starting again!), but also clearing the rubbish from the back (more on that when it's all done). Also, the bays are being planted up. The beans and peas were put in a few weeks back, these were the ones started in the tunnel. But I think they look rather lovely, all caned up - Before the storm pulled the canes down, and the slugs ate the beans!

That's the main news, that I can think of. I'm currently knitting a jumper which has been a nightmare. I'm starting to sew in the tails (grrr) and I'm hoping it will sew up alright, though I'm not expecting it to! I will be back to show it off if it's all good, believe me, it will be shown off!

Well, I'd best be off. I have work to do. I will be back, I actually will.

So take care, have fun, be good (ish)

Jennie xx