Friday, 13 December 2013

The Goose's Rear End And Twinkling Lights

Well hello you lovely little thing!

So my plan for a post last week fell through, I was far too busy and had to have my mind on work - But now it's playtime, want to come outside with me and jump in puddles?

But if you want to stay inside, all warm and dry, then fine. I'll stay here with a cat leaning against me and gazing at the tree lights.

Did I say tree lights? Why yes, I did! The tree went up thirteen days ago... Because we could, that's why!
Things are still up in the air, so we don't know if we can stay in the house. I was hoping it would be sorted by now, having that hanging over you at Christmas is no fun. We thought that last Christmas might be the last one if this house, but we're here for another, and hopefully many more. Some news on that front would be a present in itself. But never mind, not much I can do about that at the moment, so decorate, bake and be merry.

The 7 footer is back! I love this tree, I love not being able to reach the top without stepladders, which is why the angel is still in need of adjusting! Her arm was just left like that when she was popped up there... Oh dear, time to brave the dizzying height of the ladders! She's actually a really special angel as I think she was one of Mami's dolls which my Gran made a dress for, for their tree when Mami was a wee thing.

I love getting the house decorated, all those twinkling lights. Oh and being in the kitchen for something other than everyday dinners (I cook everyday, it gets a bit boring sometimes) - The home-made Irish cream, veggie sausage rolls, mince pies and the chocolate truffles, the one thing Ma makes! Oh, I should point out she makes most of the Christmas dinner too.

Speaking of food and decorating, my fridge is in on the act...

After getting out the festive DVDs and books, they needed somewhere to live - Step in corner sewing box/shelving unit!

I also enjoy a little chocolate with breakfast, oh and the cat likes his calender too! Mine's the Hello Kitty one, and Ma as the Peppa Pig one... Who is Peppa Pig?

Ah, go on, I'm going to just fill up on festive snaps now. Don't like it? Best go and make a cuppa, this is going to take a while!

I really love this swag over the Rayburn, Mama braved the ladders to do it - Mind, she's taller than me so it's as scarey for her!

A few weeks back Ma had picked up some cheap snowflake lights in a charity shop, they were all bundled up but she planned to pop them on the tree. After unwinding them at home we discovered they were those icicle lights. After mulling it over, they were put across the arch. However, they are above my head, yet most normal sized people smack their face on them... Oh, how I laugh!

Did you all watch Nigel Slater's 12 Tastes of Christmas? Tut, if you didn't! I love that man, he has a cat and he can cook... I really don't ask for much! Anyway, I happened to press the pause button (on the iPlayer) and this is the oh-so-awful moment I caught, so I had to take a snap. Nigel (yes, we're on first name terms) has his hand up a goose's rear end, but the look on his face has me in giggles... Maybe you need to see it to understand. The program is here:

I would've popped a link into the word "here", but would Blogger allow it? Oh no, why would they let me do something so obvious...Sorry, back to the goose...

Oh dear, I've just seen the time. It's almost time to feed the cat, then I have to go and sort out dog food and if I've time, pop into the charity shop - I've managed to pick up 4 presents in there so far, fingers crossed they'll have some more vintage decorations too!

Next time we'll maybe have a chat about that saucy book I read - I swear I didn't realise there would be so much graphic content when I started! But anyway, that's for another day!

Bye for now my lovelies

Jennie xx