Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Proper Oufit Post - At Last!

Blimey, is that the time? It's been a busy old day, so I shan't keep you long.

I've finally realised the sun is out to stay a while, so dug through my suitcase to find something suitable, will the desire to wear something I haven't won for a long time.

Yes, I know this is an awful photo, but it made me laugh I looked through them - I have a touch of hayfever and my eyes are watery, it's driving me mad, but you have to laugh at these moments... right?

The sporty skirt is 1930's (I believe), with three pleats in the back, fancy like. I've owned it for two years and this is the first time I've even tried it one!
The jacket is 1950's and also the first outing, after being owned by me for four/five years... Bad Jennie!
The jumper was hand knitted by myself from a circa 1941 pattern. It's actually the irst jumper I ever made, and yes, the first time I've worn it!
The tennis shoes/pumps/pimpsols are from last Summer, very much worn and loved.
The bag is circa 1940's and woven straw... Yes yes, the first outing, and owned for three years or so?

My hair is awful, apologies. I did manage a quick curl but was rushing this morning. I did, however, start the day with red lipstick... I think that may now be on a tea cup!

Anyways, after lunch I headed back out to go see someone special, I'll be introducing him sometime in the next week.

In the meantime, check out this little beauty, found in a charity shop at lunch time. The tongue pulls out to be a tape measure! His original price is one the bottom, 4/11.

Toddling off

Jennie xx


  1. what a lovely outfit! The sweater is divine and the skirt is so pretty!

  2. Perfect outfit- I would have over heated in the jumper today though! 4/11- my that doggy was quite an expensive little doggy! (well maybe not- I'm still in 1930's/40's mode, hehe) T x

  3. You have confirmed to me again that I need plimsoles this summer! and white socks!

  4. Lovely outfit, especially matching it up with the jumper. Oh, and your doggy is so cute, he would definately cheer up a sewing table!

  5. Like the jumper, but LOVE the charity shop tape measure dog!

  6. That's a lovely outfit indeed!

  7. cute outfit, but I'm in LOVE with the doggy!!!

    Miss P xx

  8. puppy dog tape measure thing is so cool! :D

  9. That sweater is fantastic on you! Also that puppy dog tape measure is sooooo cute!

  10. That dog is fantabulous! Love it, and your outfit too! xox