Monday, 6 June 2011

The Weekend

Oh Boy, oh boy! What a weekend I've had, I get to that in a moment. Back to the dentist I mentioned in the last post - He has the whitest smile I've ever seen, he really is wasted in the dental profession, his dazzling smile should be gracing bus stops, advertising toothpaste. Whatever brand he uses, I'd certainly buy it!

Also, I'm having issues with commenting on blogs. I'm asked to sign in each time I try, even after I've signed in (again), it keeps sending me to sign in. Any solutions? I'm aware that if you'r having the same issue, you won't be able to comment to tell me, but if you've solved the problem, could you let me know how?

Anyway, I'll work backwards: Last evening, Charlie was in clear discomfort, eventually it was realised that although he was digging holes and constantly trying to "water the garden", it just wasn't happening. A quick call to the on call vet and he was in his basket and being rushed to the practice.
After the vet gave him a good examination, he brought in the ultra sound machine. He was diagnosed with an inflamation, and given two injections and sent into the reception to pay. Then the vet came out with a bottle of tablets (I think he said they were essential vitamins, or osme such thing), this was clearly designed to make sure the bill topped the £100 mark!
£101.01 lighter, we left for home. About half an hour later, Charlie picked up. By this morning, he's happy as Larry.
That was my stressful Sunday evening, which is also my excuse for not listing half as much on eBay as I shoud've.

Sunday morning was a much nicer affair, not only was there a bootsale on, but also Gwili Steam Railway were hosting a Transport Weekend on the showground.
I am feeling rather duped by them however. The lady on the tannoy said the cost of entry was £3, no, it was £4. Then there was a £1 charge for the programme, which is full of adverts and not much else. But by far the worst thing, we'd had rain in the middle of the night, though the ground was dry by morning, a good number of the cars advertised were no where to be seen!
There was a rather fine 1942 Fordson - Doesn't it just scream "Land Girl"?

So, the bootsale:
3 compliments really made my day. They were: "I thought you looked like a fabric person when I saw your skirt" from the woman I bought the dress and nightie from. "Two stylish ladies" from a man with a 1930s table I didn't buy (when I went back to ask, he'd already gone!) and "I really like the way you've done your hair. No, I love the way you've done your hair, your whole look" from the lady who sold me a table...

These two, the long one I'm sure is a nightie, it's long, with one waist tie (one has been torn out) and the detailing on the shoulder. The other is shorter but seems to be better made. Both need a bit of work.

Then I found myself buying a table... Do I need a table, no? Could I walk away form such a fantastic find? No!

So that was my excitement for the day. Oh, I haven't even shown you an outfit! You can't see the wrap dress I'm wearing, and I look truly awful, but look at my hair! It's safe to say that this was a very relaxed "Casual Sunday Outifit"...

Jumper: Hand knitted by Ma, indeed it was the first "vintage" jumper she knitted for me
Bandana: Modern, from a bootsale, and I only paid 10 pence for it!
Dress (not seen): Modern, from the Ethel Austin Closing Down Sale of 2010, reduced from £12 to £3!
Shoes (not seen): White tennis shoes, also from Ethel Austin when they were in the stages of being under a different name and having somewhat of an identity crisis
Bag (not seen): 1940s straw clutch, from eBay

I must dash, I have a pile of sewing to finish and deliver this week and we're not going to talk about the jumper!

Hugs to the cats

Jennie & Charlie xx


  1. Thats real old school right there! :D

  2. Which browser do you use? I had some trouble using blogger (posting and commenting) in Firefox. In Safari it was all right. Maybe that'll help? Glad for you that Charlie's all right.

  3. I had the exact same problem commenting for a while! The way I worked around it was to write a comment, then just click Post Comment. It would then ask me to sign in and I did. You have to do it every time you write a comment though which gets a little tedious. It fixed itself eventually :S

  4. Definitely, Blogger is crazy lately, I've saved the problem jumping from browser to browser, Firefox and Crome. It's very boring at times.

  5. Hi, I found that if, when you're asked to sign in, you uncheck the 'remain logged in' (or whatever it says) then you're okay to post comments. Worked for me.

    K xx

  6. I unchecked the "stay signed in" the other day, and now it's tickety boo. Something so simple...!

  7. Ha ha I’m not mad-should have read this one first! The table is amazing (like the tea trolley (?) in the background too-Gasp). Whatever the dresses/nighties are, I think the fabric is absolutely peachy- you are a lucky girl finding such treasures!

  8. Isn't it funny, how sometimes sometimes you can look better when completely casual, it seems to be when I get the most compliments! Also, that jumper is absolutely adorable!