Wednesday, 7 September 2011

16 Days of Woolly Bliss

I was sure we were in June, now I'm looking at September on the calender - The time has just slipped away and I'm not quite sure what I've been doing.

Sure enough I've been knitting, but due to getting muddled up with my tension square, I started to knit a cardigan which, if I had finished, would have been several sizes too big as I was knitting in Aran and I need DK... Oh, how I hate spending two days on a project only to then discover that I've wasted my time, but at least I found out before I got any further. I will be revisiting this pattern when I've found some suitable DK - Do keep your eyes peeled for a 1936 cardigan!

So then I started a 1941 lacey cable jumper, only to realise it was the end of August and I was knitting in 2-ply with number 14 needles - It surely won't be ready by the end of Summer, so I'll keep it in the project bag for those spare moments. Please send me some luck regarding the 3 1/2 inches of rib!

So, to get to the point, I finally had a dig around and pulled out a pattern I'd loved for quite a while but never seemed to have the right wool - Well, a while back I bought a bag of discontinued Coral wool and they seemed a perfect match - 16 days later and I had myself a new jumper... Yes, 16 days, I should really have gone full time with it, but R.S.I. in left hand kept the pace slow. Listen to me, waffling on, and all you want to see is the jumper!

The lacey pattern is also on the back and down the sleeves.

The coral is a more pink, less orange in the flesh, but isn't that always the way with  photos?

But still not content, I finished this jumper on Monday night and started another jumper on Tuesday evening, I'm not all too sure of it as the wool matches a length of fabric I have and I was thinking of knitting this jumper to match a skirt made from the fabric... But then, I realised I may have enough fabric to make a collared dress, in which case, I won't want a collared jumper, I'd want a cardigan! But the jumper is going ahead on the matter of fact basis that the wool is a thin 3-ply and the pattern is for a 2-ply jumper, and it's knitting up a treat... There may be enough for a cardigan too, so I shan't sob. So here it is, I've started on a sleeve, just to make my mind up whether or not I like the design:

The original, from 1935:

I'm really looking forward to the monogram eeek, but what colour?

How are you all doing with your knitting, I haven't had much time for blogs and the reading of for a while, but I do keep an eye out for knitting posts. I just like that little kick to say "they can knit, so can you", so please do blog your knitteds, even if they are just a pile of pieces in the workbag.

Anyway, I really have waffled on for long enough, but I'm sure it's down to the changing season - I'm really feeling Autumnal now, the woodburner's being lit in the evening, the coal has just been delivered, I'm looking at Reindeer jumper patterns and I'm really feeling the love for warming colours; rust, green, mustard, scarlet and a dash of navy.

So I really must be off now, I have a sleeve to get back to. It won't be finished in the outstanding time of 16 days, but watch this space!


Jennie xx 


  1. That 1935 lady has her monogram in my initials... love the coral one :D x

  2. Wow, you finished that in 16 days?! That's awesome. I'm such a slow knitter when it comes to garments. Its a beautiful jumper though and I like the way the lace forms a 'v' shape.

    I've been wondering whether to light our logburner, but its like saying goodbye to summer!

  3. 16 days?! That is quite impressive. I'm a rather slow knitter. Something like that would have taken me about 2 months!

  4. Gemma - I'm pretty sure she's stolen the jumper you haven't knitted yet and gone back in time.

    If I could knit everything in 16 days, I'd be very happy, but I'm usually a slow knitter too, I just have a short attention span when it comes to... Ooh, Squirrel!

  5. I am more jealous of your knittery skills than I can say! *MUST LEARN TO KNIT!*

  6. Another blog which makes me wish I could knit! Your jumper is quite lovely. The colour and the pattern are soooo sweet. Now, how do you cast on again?

  7. Ooh, that is a fantastic pullover!

    I'm knitting up a storm but haven't photographed any knits recently. I knit up a pair of vintage lace gloves on a recent vacation, and finished a Halloween-themed beret (from a modern pattern from Knitty), and have a million more projects planned. Hope to be doing a lot of fall knitting blogging (and possibly running another vintage KAL). :)

  8. Oh Jennie- how did I miss this post? Naughty blogger roll of mine!
    Your last pattern has my initials too… well the same as my real first and middle name!.... And 16 days……SIXTEEN DAYS! WHAT! I was ecstatic when I managed to knit a cardigan in 14 days, but that was knitted in Arran and with big needles. Anhoo tis lovely and I am quite green-eyed over you coral woolly loveliness.
    On the Tickety knitting front- I‘m ½ a sleeve away from finishing a rather odd coloured 40’s jumper, and a cuff band away from completing a chunky jacket thing- started a 2ply jumper and have socks to sew up…. and have a jumper on the go for Ma! Oh, and not forgetting the collar I started.
    Well that’s enough of my waffling have a mock apricot flan to bake!
    Tupps x

  9. Oh my I just love the blue and the basket weave pattern is lovely, wish I could knit half as well as you and I get there in the end, I am still very new to this wonderful craft.

  10. Oh I just love the coral jumper! I have to say, I haven't come across many 30s/40s patterns for sweaters with long sleeves which is annoying!x