Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Goblin King Cough Cure

I'd planned on posting some recipes this week, but the plan has gone to pot. Fear not, I will share some news, photos and anything else I can think of...

First off, I have to give a quick mention to LandGirl1980, who should now be called Dr LandGirl1980 - I still had a bit of a cough, until I read her comment on David Bowie (my last post), I laughed so hard, then nothing... No cough - Cured. Thank You xx

My Christmas is going to be an odd one, it has not been cancelled, it has been extended. My Grandparents were due (today) to come over and stay in a gorgeous little cottage for the festive period, and of course, spend the big day with the family - They're snowed in, and had to cancel the trip.
My Brother was going to drive over on Christmas morning and spend a couple of days with us... He's also snowed in!
My Uncle was going to come over for the New Year... You guessed it, there's a lot of snow involved!
So what do you do when half your family cannot make it for Christmas Day? Why, you just celebrate it several times over the course of the next month! I'm not down about it, it's snow, what can you do?
I have a confession though, I'm rather looking forward to a small Christmas - Just 4 of us (including the cat), but we have everything we need: Home-made Whisky truffles... Oh, and each other!

So, the feastivities to one side for the moment... I have not only finished a fabulous (tooting my own horn here) bonnet - It is... warm. I wore it out the other day and had to loosen it, despite to freezing temperature!
I have also, finally, finished the elk scarf. I kept putting it down to concentrate on other projects, but last night, whilst watching Hound of the Baskervilles (terrifying stuff), I finished. It has tassles and everything!
I just have to take some photos... But I'm looking at all that white stuff outside and not really fancying it!

However, I do have photos: The main tree, 7 feet of faux eden pine, to be precise!

And, my bedroom tree, 3 feet of pink, shiney garish-ness

As you will see from my tree, I like to put everything on the tree. If it's still in the box, then why do you own it? The main tree, however, is actually quite.. tasteful. Though you may be able to tell, this isn't how I'd decorate it!

I should also mention, I have never known a man to put up a tree, no word of a lie. It sounds sexist, but this is true, and I was always told (thanks, Mama) that men couldn't work out how to put the screws in the base... Well, there must be something in the air, as I now have it confirmed that, yes indeed, men can perform this task, and well. Bruce has a tree up, beautifully decorated may I say, and I was told just yesterday that my Brother has got himself a tree! This is big news, his house, I'm told (I have yet to visit!) is tiny, and I won't mention all the clutter that dwarfed his last house! Ooops

I raise a glass of Whisky to all you tree-putter-uppers, don't leave any decorations in the box and you will have performed your task well. I feel like I'm presenting a Jedi award ceremony (I'll tell you about my awful Jedi-themed job interview one day)

I'm rambling on, I swear I haven't started drinking in the morning, it's just that typing is keeping me warm. I'll be back on Friday for sure, with some knitting themed photos

Until then, keep warm and feed the birds

Jenny xx

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Q & A

Oh dear, I've been tagged by Tickety Boo Tupney and haven't yet done anything about it, but it's on my To-Do list, and I've got to get this ticked off, so here goes:

Why Did You Create The Blog?

Well, it was to share some events/adventures which had been planned out for the year, but due to illness/poor weather/lack of time etc, not much of that has happened. This is still the intention though, to share my outfits, knitting, sewing and adventures (a big one in the planning for next year!)

What Kind Of Blogs Do You Follow?

I follow blogs which capture my imagination, sometimes it's the outfit posts, sometimes the knitting skills, but generally, I'm wanting to read about knitting, sewing and vintage clothing

Favourite Make-Up Brand?

I love Bourjois, but it's a bit pricey, so I generally stick to "cheap 'n' cheerful" - 17 from Boots is my everyday brand for lipstick, eyeliner, mascara etc. My foundation is Bourjois though (how naughty am I?)

Favourite Clothing Brand?

Considering how much of my clothing is hand-made or vintage, I don't really keep up-to-date with modern brands. I do, however, love Primark - Be a snob if you will, but some of their items are fantastic... £8 for a basic thin jumper! I have about 6 of them, and they've lasted so well, money well spent

Your Indispensable makeup product?
My foundation, Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect. I can live without all other cosmetics, but a dab of foundation and I'm set to go
Your Favourite Colour?
Emerald green, but I love so many colours. Green is my everyday colour - Goes good with me eyes!
Your Perfume?
I use such strongly perfumed shampoo, it's a loosing battle to wear perfume on top, but I do love Ed Hardy Original, I swear it smells like Lilt... yum
Your Favourite Film?
I don't really have a favourite film now, but I do watch Confessions of a Shopaholic rather a lot, and do love Millions Like Us. I did love The Labyrinth when I was a wee thing, and that had nothing to do with David Bowie's rather snug ensemble!
What Country Would You Like To Visit, And Why?
Well, this is so tough, but I'd have to say that I'd love to see the United States, and have a few plans to visit. I dis, however, look into moving to Canada last year, but I was a few points short of a full visa...
To Be Chosen By Blogger...
This is also tough, but my question to myself is: Best Moment of Your Life?
Well, I'd have to say, it's probably kayaking on the West coast of Scotland. I've been there and done that many times, but it is simply fanastic and it never tires me. Doing my CBT was also amazing, apart from the instructor sneezing down the radio
Well me dearies, I think that's me done for the day. Now to pass this on...
I don't know how many bloggers this should be passed on to, I'll happily tag you all!
See you soon
Jenny xx
P.S. I'm feeling much better now, thank you for your messages

Monday, 13 December 2010

Face Ache

Oh dear, I seemed to have bounced back from the near-cold experience, only to awake this morning with an aching face! Seriously, my whole head hurts, my ears, throat, nose, even my poor old teeth! No simpathy, please, I just have to have a moan about it - 2000 was the year I can't remember, 2010 is the year I was ill... What will 2011 bring?

Anyway, my whinging over (for you it is, my family have to put up with this constantly!), I've sewn until the wee hours and I think all my Christmas orders are finished and in the shops. I have one more special order though, a pony brooch for my cousin's daughter.

Oh, and I think I've finally finished my Christmas shopping, I'm just waiting for some items in the post - Then Bob's your Mother's Brother, I'm done!
Just enough time to finish some knitting, and try and get some rest before the big day. I'm afraid to say I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year - Last year was the worst Christmas of my life, and that includes the two Christmases I ended up in the hospital! After last year I'd gladly spend the day with the cat, watching TV and eating a Pot Noodle... bliss

I sound awful, don't I? Enough moaning, I just realised it's under two weeks to go and I still haven't put up any decorations, tomorrow...

Before I forget, I was tagged (I'm such a bad girl) to take part in a Question & Answer post by Tuppy. I will be writing that this week, apologies for the delay, I've been thinking over my answers.

So off to knitting I go, see you mid-week

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Jenny xx

Thursday, 2 December 2010

I Love Your Blog - Award

Hello darlings, this will have to short, I'm going down with something (again!).

I have won another award! This is the "I Love Your Blog" award, courtesty of Sailing Over A Cardboard Sea - Thank you Ginger

The conditions of this award are:

1.Thank the person who gave you the award 

2.Copy the graphic of this award to your blog 

3.Pass on this award to 15 other blogs
Just as the last award, I'm not passing this on to 15 bloggers, but a select few...
Lady Cherry of Lady Cherry Loves
Land Girl of Land Girl 1980
Good Night all
Jenny xx

Monday, 22 November 2010

One Lovely Blog Award x 2

Well my dearies, I was thrilled to bits to find I'd been given the "One Lovely Blog" award by The Butterfly Balcony - I did jump around screaming, I must confess! So I was taking a few days to think of the bloggers who will receive this award from me, then I discovered this afternoon, I have been given this award again! This time from Lady Cherry Loves - More screaming!

Thank you both, I am absolutely delighted.

First up, the rules: 

1. Accept the award. Post it on your blog along with the name of the person who awarded it along with a link to their blog.
2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have recently discovered.
3. Contact those bloggers and let them know they've been chosen.

I'm going to pass this on to the following bloggers, I know there aren't 15, but I'm bending the rules, I'm a bad like that!...

Tickety Boo Tupney - Wonderful blog with lovely knitting & outfit posts

Lady Lyburnum - Her post on Thanksgiving has tempted me into making a pie with the pumpkin sat on my worktop!

Eclectic Ephemera - This man seems to know what's going on, when I'm so clueless!

Bake Do And Mend - Because this lady is stunningly beautiful and this post made me face up and be honest about my own hearing

Thank you again, Wendy and Cherry, for my first and second blog award in a matter of 10 days!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day, speak soon

Jenny xx

Friday, 19 November 2010

Catch Up

Urgh, did I feel ill? Yes, but I'm on the mend. Although I've been away from blogging, I have been trying to keep up with other blogs. So news, I have plenty...

I've been sewing like there's no tomorrow. I now also have a new stockist for my brooches.

I started knitting a Norwegian scarf, but then had to go back to the sewing, but I'm hoping to finish the scarf before Christmas...hmmm

I've made a huge decision about my future - I'm finally setting up the business I've dreamed about/planned/researched for the past 5 years. It's been in the making for long enough, so now I'm setting up as a Birthday present to myself (I really do deserve it after 5 years!). I can't give anything away yet, but you will be the first to know about it!

I have 29 followers - I love each and every one of you

The living room is finally being painted - The photo before is just showing the sample patch, but the colour is more of a sage-y green, and shows the new (to me) chair, bought from the antiques centre:

George doing what cats do best
I made mincemeat, it's all bottled up and awaiting pastry! I can promise you, this is the best mincemeat I've ever made, and it contains almost half a bottle of brandy... Can you get drunk on a mince-pie? I'll do the research, so you don't have to!

I went to see my new dentist - Two problems, I'm nervous of dentists and terrified of needles. I already knew I needed three fillings (my very first ones!), but tried to explain my predicament, so now I'm being referred to the hospital to be completely knocked out. Urgh, I feel horrible just thinking about it.

I'm behind with my Christmas shopping - I'm not half as organised as I said I'd be, the dentist really bought me down, and dare I say it, I'm not enjoying the shopping anymore!

I won a "One Lovely Blog" award from Wendy at The Butterfly Balcony - Thank you Wendy. I'm still considering who to pass it on to, so I'll get back to you with a dedicated post on that.

On the 13th, I went to see Austin Vince give a talk down at Garlands in Haverfordwest. I wasn't feeling 100%, and I certainly felt awful the next day, but it was truly fantastic. I don't remember a point where we weren't laughing. Some photos were taken, with the chance they might end up in a magazine, though the name of that magazine escapes me right now. If the photos are printed, I will post them here! There are, however, a few photos here - You can only see the back of my head (my best side!), I'm in the second row wearing a lime coloured jacket

I think that's all, but I will be back with the award post, and some Christmas shopping ideas

Until then, ta-ra

Jenny xx

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Extreme Sports: Skiing And Knitting

This will only be a quick "hello" today, I started with a sore throat on Monday evening, and now I think I'm going to loose my voice. I last lost my voice in January, the day of my Birthday, of all days! Apologies, I'm feeling sorry for myself today.

So I've been at home, watch T.V. and knitting, and of course, trying to get better - honey & lemon, fruit teas and some chocolate...
Monday was a pretty good day, I managed to get up and out of the house fairly early. I even pinned my fringe up!
Lady Cherry's comment on leopard print amused me so much that I decided to wear my leopard (faux) swing coat to keep me warm. Here's the proof, though I forgot to hold my 1960's gold/bronze bag for the picture, doh!

Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Reindeer cardigan: Hand knitted by my Gran
Vintage Leopard print coat: eBay
Beret: Charity Shop
60's bag (not shown): Boot Sale
60's Gloves: Boot Sale
Boots: Asda
I finally finished the skiiers pullover, the pattern is early 1950's. This is certainly going to be one of my favoured items in my wardrobe!
Skiing looks a bit of the dangerous side, so I'll stick to knitting skiing motifs!

Detail of Skiiers

Skiiers Pullover
 If I get to it, I'll be finishing a headscarf tonight, yay!

Happy knitting, Jenny xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Christmas Presents: What Every Glamourous Girl Needs

I wouldn't describe myself as particularly glamourous, my profile photo will confirm this, but it's nice to get into the role occasionally. So brush your hair and put on your clean slippers, we're going to be fancy today!

This is a small selection of perfect presents for a glamourous girl:

Dammenburg Selection Box - £9.30 - No Nuts, Just Chocolate
 Chocolate... From my favourite brand, Dammenberg. These are nut-free, which makes them all the better. I do have a nut allergy (lesbian jokes need not be sent, I've heard them all!), and finding decent chocolate was a nightmare. This selection box contains: rum-coffee (dark), cloudberry (milk) and green tea (white). And I can assure you, they are worth every penny, plus, the box is really handy for sewing threads (and retains a gorgeous chocolate-y scent!).

Reproduction Bakelite Cherry Brooch - £35.00 - Notorious Kitsch
Jewellery - Some may like a diamond ring, others may like a bakelite bangle. Personally, I love bakelite, so what better than a repro-bakelite brooch with cherries on? I think this is a the bargain of the day considering the prices of original pieces.

Besame Sweetheart Balm - £14.50 - Deadly is the Female
Cosmetics aren't always the best present as it can be down to personal choice, but this balm is surely perfect? Practical, pretty and we've found more cherries to add to the list!

Leopard Alice Fascinator - £35.00 - Deadly is the Female
Leopard print had to come into it somewhere, and this fascinator covers it well. Some find it hard to wear hats, myself included, and berets can appear too casual for a meeting with the bank manager, so a fascinator is the answer! Imagine all the wonderful outfits this is complete?

All you need now is to be good for the next 8 weeks, and Father Christmas may just bring you something special...

Jenny xx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Christmas Presents - Hairstyling Books

Apologies. Once again, I promised a Monday post, and nothing came. When I get home on Mondays, I'm exhausted, uninspired and really cannot find the energy to anything other than drink tea and watch the Gilmore Girls. So no more promises for Monday posts, but if I do ever find that energy on a Monday, call it a treat.
I did, however, make a list of post ideas! So I have at least a month's worth of posts to write, but not on a Monday!
So enough of excuses and my ramblings, here are some present ideas:

I love recreating 1940's hairstyles, and so enjoy sitting down with a book or two and figuring out how I'm what I'm going to practice next. So these are books I really want this Christmas:

Style Me Vintage: Easy Step-by-step Techniques for Creating Classic Hairstyles
Style Me Vintage by Belina Hay - £7.49 (Amazon)

Stage and Screen Hairstyles: A Practical Reference for Actors, Models, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Stage Managers, and Directors
Stage and Screen Hairstyles by Kit Spencer - £15.54 (Amazon)

Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step-by-Step Techniques
Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells - £27 (Pin Up Parade)

Vintage Hairstyling is a book I own, though mine's the first edition with a different cover. A really great book which is in constant use. My favourite thing about it, is that the styles are shown step by step, so you don't feel like you've missed a few steps. Plus, the pictures are in colour!

I was thinking of including 1940s Hairstyles by Daniela Turudich, but as it's out of print, I didn't think it would be fair. I don't own the original, but have a PDF copy. Again, a very good book, with some really useful cutting diagrams.

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow! This is a big deal, I haven't had it cut for... months! This means that when I've restyled it, I can finally change that horrid profile photo!

Happy styling, Jenny xx

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sewing For My Supper

Tis that time of year again, shops already have an aisle of Christmas gifts and food, and I'm yet again in a panic because my brother is just so hard to shop for.
I also find that despite my best efforts, relaxation is impossible to find. I'm always sewing my little fingers to the bone to make sure everyone gets their order in good time.. I should maybe explain here that I make little felt brooches, mainly for shops, and they don't order one brooch at a time, no, a small order tends to be around the 50 items mark, and these brooches are hand cut (with scissors of course, I don't have multi-tool hands!) and hand sewn!

So this year, I'm trying to be one of those superwomen, who have everything planned and come Christmas are super relaxed and laughing at the rest of us! I'm already a little behind, but I can catch up, and this is how I'm going to be spending the holidays watching old films and drinking cocoa without a care in the world:

1: I'm going to make a big order of felt, before I need it! This way, I can't run out..
2: I'm going to dedicate days to doing one job at a time; cutting the shapes, sewing the eye etc etc
3: Ask my buyers to make their orders early so they hopefully won't rush me come December
4: Set up little boxes for each item so I don't need to rummage through my big sewing basket
5: Make a great big list of things to do, and get ticking - I love lists!

Reproduction 1940's Scottie Dog Brooch in green
One of the most stressful things I've found this Autumn is finding out that someone is copying these dog brooches, and not very well - If you're going to copy an animal shape, don't make it look like road-kill!
I spent ages tweeking this pattern, from an original 1940's design, I have developed it to be my own - It took nearly a year for me to be happy with the finished product, so I'm sure you'll understand why I'm so annoyed.
I've already emailed one stockist and I'm making a felt order tomorrow morning.. I'm already making progress.
I must be off, I have a few hundred dog shape to cut!
Jenny xx

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sewing Machines

I learnt to sew on my Ma's sewing machine a long time ago, and I've been borrowing the machine on and off ever since. It's a good machine is is prone to hissy fits. So on Sunday, I happened upon this beauty, the owner was getting desperate for a sale and kept lowering the price until I finally gave in and handed him money!

I got it home, quite pleased with myself, then looked inside the case, and found a side plate/leaf piece, booklet and a box of bits with loads of feet.

I turned it on, the light works, then attempted to lift the foot to place in some fabric - nothing! The lever is free, and the foot is down. I opened it up to discover that the spring inisde (all above the foot) is missing! How? So it's not in working order untila replacement spring is found - Help!

But any how, I did a little research, and this machine's serial number doesn't appear in the Singer database, but the closest one to it is a 1964 model.

1964 Singer 327K

So, clearly disappointed, I continued with my knitting, until Thursday evening when I heard a thump in the kitchen. Going out to investigate, my Dad is standing there with a huge brown mock-croc case. I was giddy, thinking it would be perfect for storing my bags in (my currently suitcase is currently lost until the pile of handbags). Then he said "open it", I duely did, and discovered inside, this sewing machine!

It turns out, it had been thrown away, but rescued by a workmate of his, and offered to my Dad when he's been spotted putting aside another sewing machine (still to come!).

As it was dumped off the back of a lorry, the pedal/plug is missing, but as soon as it's replaced, will be working as my main machine (providing it works!)

1955 Singer 306K

One of these days I'll be given a working machine, but until then I'll have to work up the courage to borrow my Ma's machine again for some desperately needed dressmaking.
I have loads to tell, but just not enough time. I'm so behind right now, but next week I'll have finished the Cherry Ripe jumper and hopefully will have finished some old sewing projects.
See you Monday
Jenny xx

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cherry Ripe

It's all go here, I've finally taken up my knitting again after a bit of break, and it's coming along nicely. I finished the last set of cherries for the front last night (after taking the photo!), so it's straight forward from now, until I knit the sleeves.
I was desperate to finish the set last night, it's been sitting around for a few weeks now and I get irritated by unfinished projects! The only thing that slowed me down was Ugly Betty, what I'll do when the series ends, I have no idea!
Anyway, a picture of said jumper:

I just realised the other day whilst rooting around for a warm jumper, that the only long sleeved jumpers I have are shop bought. Why do I only knit them with short sleeves? I'm going to get myself knitting something warm with long sleeves and a cute pattern very shortly. I have just the pattern in mind, also from 1938.
You should be seeing progress in my knitting shortly, I haven't been sleeping well so will be arranging my project bags under my bed for some late night knitting - How Rock 'n' Roll am I?!
I best be off, I'm off for a walk
Jenny xx

Friday, 30 July 2010

Peas, Bicycles and Good News

Finally, a good day after so many bad ones. I won't go into detail about the bad days, they're in the past now, time to move forward. Today though, I honestly think my luck may have changed... First off was the regular trip to get some fruit, but I popped into the charities and found a book (Milly in the Fifth by Evelyn Smith), I'm not too sure about it, but for the money I paid, I will enjoy every page of it! I also picked up MotoGP 3 for the X-Box, ideal for rainy afternoons and finally, the best thing of all: I was in one of my favourite charity shops (because they sometimes have dogs in there!), looking through the pile of 1980's knitting patterns, when the lady running the shop asked if there was anything in particular I was looking for. Well, I told her I wanted the pre-1950's jumper patterns, only to be told she had loads of them at home, and would try and remember to bring them in for me next Friday!! (That really deserves 2 !!, don't you think?)
I also went into Carmarthen this afternoon, and finally got myself a library card and found a 1954 cookbook in a charity shop. I was almost tempted to try my luck with the lottery, but I can never stand to loose £1!

I still haven't got a bike! I'm changing my plans though, I will probably never be able to justify £400 for a bicycle, so instead, I'm looking out for a 1930's bicycle to fix up, but even they can be expensive - Is it too much to ask? All I really want, is to look like the girl in this 1950's drawing!

The little bit for negative news is that the peas are going over in the garden! I want peas all year round, I love them so much. Hopefully I'll manage to save enough for some soup before they've all gone.

Oh, and other good news - The postman finally arrived (I've been 2 weeks without him turning up before, then arriving with a huge bundle!), and he bought my copy of Vintage Life Magazine! I haven't looked though it yet, but it looks fantastic, and so glossy!
I've hopefully got some exciting things happeneing this weekend, if the rain can stay away! I'll also show you some of my recent kniting projects that I'm trying to finish before I go and visit my Gran in 12 days time
Have a lovely weekend, Jenny xx

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Soldiers and a Hero Bear

Saturday started at the strange and unfamiliar time of 7.05 am, but I knew it would be worth it - This day has been in planning for 3 weeks.

I travelled over to Pembrokeshire with my Mama for a bootsale, which unfortunately proved unsucessful. So we headed off into Haverfordwest for some charity shop shopping - Again, unsucessful, except for a gorgeous TopShop trench coat, but at £9.75, it wasn't going to happen!
We then set off for Brawdy, the 14 Signal Regiment where hosting a Regimental Open Day in support of Help for Heroes. We parked up on the runway and had a look through another unsucessful bootsale, we then headed over to the classic car display:

The Chevy came in while we were looking round the bootsale, I let out the biggest squeel (you really can't take me out in public!)

After a look round the stalls and diplays, we settled down with a picnic to watch the free fall parachute display. I'm afraid to say I have no photos of this, due to the fact that they came down pretty quick and my Mama's not so quick clicking that button on the camera! (The camera was handed over to me for the rest of the day, hence photos!)
Another wander round, and I ended up being talked into buying a Hero the Bear... At £12, he is the most expensive bear I own, but well worth it - He is so soft, and he has a little camo jacket!
The Enemy Contact Drill Demonstration followed. I've tried to put together some photos to explain it. It was very sobering to have it happen right in front of you, so of course, when they then came round with the collection buckets, we gave more money.

We waited for the BASC Dog Demonstration, but they went straight into the raffle draw - So I don't know what happened to the dogs, stage fright?
I didn't get a photo of me (plenty of photos of soldiers though!), so no outfit photo. But in case you are wondering, I was wearing a 1950's yellow and grey rose print full circle skirt (it was windy, and yes, I did flash a few people... sorry!), with a blue cardigan, white Rocket Original wedges and a black wicker basket bag. This is the only "outfit" picture I got:

That's all for now, but I've got some more adventures planned for the next few weeks, hopefully with some better outfit photos
Jenny xx

Thursday, 24 June 2010

New Beginnings

And maybe an introduction would be nice? Well of course..

I'm Jenny, I live in Wales (land of the sheep and cheap dragon toys!) and I am a collector (some may say hoarder) of vintage clothing and accessories. I spend too much money on clothes, I spend too much time watching films and spend too little time paying attention to the real world. I knit obsessively and sew for my supper.
I have a cat who is embarassed to be seen with me and a family who don't understand me.

I'm desperately hoping that blogging can save me enough money to buy me a bicycle.. pink with a wicker basket and handlebar tassles, please. I figure that the more time I spend here, the less time I spend on eBay, etsy, folksy and all those deliously gorgeous reproduction vintage websites.

Oh, and I ramble on.. A lot!