Friday, 27 May 2011

Vintage Finds

Alright there my lovelies?

Charlie is settling in nicely, he must be fairly happy as he's already come home with two mice... Well, I think the second one may have been a vole, but I was too busy squeeling and trying to get away to really take note!

Anyway, enough of that. I'll show you some of my best finds over the past few weeks, starting with this picture:

This reminded me a bit of the wedding mirror I have, so I had to get it... To match..
It has a chain to hang it up, like the many crinoline lady mirrors I have... Did I say many? Yes I did!
I thought this was lovely and seasidey, and I just can't turn down vintage...

Yesterday I was punished with yet more rain, but it was fine rain, which to me is worse, it tickles and gets in my eyes. But one charity shop came up with this:

A Radio Times cover! I don't get the Radio Times, and this is too big for TV Choice, but how could I say no? Please excuse the creases, I was so excited to show you, I haven't washed or ironed it yet.

That brings me on to  another item, which comes with a question...

This is a Matita suit which although fits me, is a little too big, but it fits my mannequin like a charm! My question is: Does anyone know anything about Matita? I've searched, but haven't found anything, other than a few adverts.

This actually brings up another question, do I sell? It's a horrible moment when you realise a fibreglass body fits into your clothes better than you do!

So I hope you're all well, and see you next week, when I'll have hopefully finished the 1934 Chevron jumper... Don't hold your breath!

Jennie & Charlie xx

P.S. I'll also tell you all about my gorgeous new dentist!


  1. I really love art plates like that! :D

  2. Ohhh the art plate is lovely and I love the hankie! Also with the suit, what I'd do if you really love it, is have it slightly altered (just nipped a bit) to have it taken in where you need it to. You can even ask the alterations lady to not cut out any of the original fabric so in the future you can just snip the alterations out if you need to to make it larger! I cannot wait to see the chevron jumper in a few weeks!

  3. Great finds, especially the Radio Times embroidered cover - who wants the cast of The Only Way is Essex clashing with one's vintage abode?!

  4. Love the embroidered Radio Times cover, to think that someone took the time to make that how wonderful, lucky you for finding it.

  5. I’m catching up so bear with me! Lovely finds- am truly envious of your suit- I would see if there was any way of taking it in first- it is far to lovely to sell. Sigh-it’s stunning! Tups xx
    Grr, am i going mad- I've been trying to post this about 10 times now, 11th time lucky?

  6. Love the pockets on the plaid jacket!!!