Thursday, 1 July 2010

Soldiers and a Hero Bear

Saturday started at the strange and unfamiliar time of 7.05 am, but I knew it would be worth it - This day has been in planning for 3 weeks.

I travelled over to Pembrokeshire with my Mama for a bootsale, which unfortunately proved unsucessful. So we headed off into Haverfordwest for some charity shop shopping - Again, unsucessful, except for a gorgeous TopShop trench coat, but at £9.75, it wasn't going to happen!
We then set off for Brawdy, the 14 Signal Regiment where hosting a Regimental Open Day in support of Help for Heroes. We parked up on the runway and had a look through another unsucessful bootsale, we then headed over to the classic car display:

The Chevy came in while we were looking round the bootsale, I let out the biggest squeel (you really can't take me out in public!)

After a look round the stalls and diplays, we settled down with a picnic to watch the free fall parachute display. I'm afraid to say I have no photos of this, due to the fact that they came down pretty quick and my Mama's not so quick clicking that button on the camera! (The camera was handed over to me for the rest of the day, hence photos!)
Another wander round, and I ended up being talked into buying a Hero the Bear... At £12, he is the most expensive bear I own, but well worth it - He is so soft, and he has a little camo jacket!
The Enemy Contact Drill Demonstration followed. I've tried to put together some photos to explain it. It was very sobering to have it happen right in front of you, so of course, when they then came round with the collection buckets, we gave more money.

We waited for the BASC Dog Demonstration, but they went straight into the raffle draw - So I don't know what happened to the dogs, stage fright?
I didn't get a photo of me (plenty of photos of soldiers though!), so no outfit photo. But in case you are wondering, I was wearing a 1950's yellow and grey rose print full circle skirt (it was windy, and yes, I did flash a few people... sorry!), with a blue cardigan, white Rocket Original wedges and a black wicker basket bag. This is the only "outfit" picture I got:

That's all for now, but I've got some more adventures planned for the next few weeks, hopefully with some better outfit photos
Jenny xx

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  1. Hi jenny came across your blog and love the collection of photos why not put some of your crafts on view too.Like you I have just started a blog but not quite as nice as yours.Hope you'll drop by, Valerie