Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sewing Machines

I learnt to sew on my Ma's sewing machine a long time ago, and I've been borrowing the machine on and off ever since. It's a good machine is is prone to hissy fits. So on Sunday, I happened upon this beauty, the owner was getting desperate for a sale and kept lowering the price until I finally gave in and handed him money!

I got it home, quite pleased with myself, then looked inside the case, and found a side plate/leaf piece, booklet and a box of bits with loads of feet.

I turned it on, the light works, then attempted to lift the foot to place in some fabric - nothing! The lever is free, and the foot is down. I opened it up to discover that the spring inisde (all above the foot) is missing! How? So it's not in working order untila replacement spring is found - Help!

But any how, I did a little research, and this machine's serial number doesn't appear in the Singer database, but the closest one to it is a 1964 model.

1964 Singer 327K

So, clearly disappointed, I continued with my knitting, until Thursday evening when I heard a thump in the kitchen. Going out to investigate, my Dad is standing there with a huge brown mock-croc case. I was giddy, thinking it would be perfect for storing my bags in (my currently suitcase is currently lost until the pile of handbags). Then he said "open it", I duely did, and discovered inside, this sewing machine!

It turns out, it had been thrown away, but rescued by a workmate of his, and offered to my Dad when he's been spotted putting aside another sewing machine (still to come!).

As it was dumped off the back of a lorry, the pedal/plug is missing, but as soon as it's replaced, will be working as my main machine (providing it works!)

1955 Singer 306K

One of these days I'll be given a working machine, but until then I'll have to work up the courage to borrow my Ma's machine again for some desperately needed dressmaking.
I have loads to tell, but just not enough time. I'm so behind right now, but next week I'll have finished the Cherry Ripe jumper and hopefully will have finished some old sewing projects.
See you Monday
Jenny xx


  1. Got to say the first one is a little bit too powder blue for my taste, but the other one is lovely. You should be able to fine a replacement cord without too much hassle

  2. My mother bought this exact machine new (Singer 327) in the 60s and gave it to me in 1970 and I have been sewing on it ever since. I wouldn't trade this machine for the world as it went through design school and various at home sewing ventures with me. Right now I'm trying to find a motor belt for it online and I miss it. It's definitely worth repair and can be a good friend for years.

  3. I am finding the 327 to be much more powerful than the 401 or 503 I have? So for now it is my number one machine for light leather work!