Monday, 13 December 2010

Face Ache

Oh dear, I seemed to have bounced back from the near-cold experience, only to awake this morning with an aching face! Seriously, my whole head hurts, my ears, throat, nose, even my poor old teeth! No simpathy, please, I just have to have a moan about it - 2000 was the year I can't remember, 2010 is the year I was ill... What will 2011 bring?

Anyway, my whinging over (for you it is, my family have to put up with this constantly!), I've sewn until the wee hours and I think all my Christmas orders are finished and in the shops. I have one more special order though, a pony brooch for my cousin's daughter.

Oh, and I think I've finally finished my Christmas shopping, I'm just waiting for some items in the post - Then Bob's your Mother's Brother, I'm done!
Just enough time to finish some knitting, and try and get some rest before the big day. I'm afraid to say I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year - Last year was the worst Christmas of my life, and that includes the two Christmases I ended up in the hospital! After last year I'd gladly spend the day with the cat, watching TV and eating a Pot Noodle... bliss

I sound awful, don't I? Enough moaning, I just realised it's under two weeks to go and I still haven't put up any decorations, tomorrow...

Before I forget, I was tagged (I'm such a bad girl) to take part in a Question & Answer post by Tuppy. I will be writing that this week, apologies for the delay, I've been thinking over my answers.

So off to knitting I go, see you mid-week

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Jenny xx


  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    The Christmasses can only get better, surely?!

  2. You can't remember a whole year?? That has got to be worthy of a blog post!

    I know how you feel, this year is the most un-Christmas Christmas ever. I have done my shopping but by the end of it my goodwill-ometer had taken a seriousl beating. But, 'tis what you want to make of it, so if pot noodle lights your candle then so be it! xx

  3. So sorry to hear your not feeling well, hope you feel better before christmas. well done for getting all your orders finished that must make you feel a tad better once less thing to do ;-) Have a good week. Dee x

  4. Thank you for your well wishing, if that's the right term? Well wishes, well wishing...?
    Feeling much better today. Back to normal tomorrow x

  5. I know exactly how you feel. I too had a Christmas from Hell. My energy levels are at zero around this time of year and I haven’t even got the enthusiasm to knit (that is very out of character and quite worrying!)
    So I wish you well and all the best for a happy and stress free Christmas! Tups xxx

  6. Hello....hope your feeling better! You've won my giveaway and you will need it with the weather that's coming! I'll be in touch for your address.
    I didn't realise I wasn't signed up as a follower...I'm did it ages ago, but I didn't show up! I used the google follower thingy instead and that