Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Goblin King Cough Cure

I'd planned on posting some recipes this week, but the plan has gone to pot. Fear not, I will share some news, photos and anything else I can think of...

First off, I have to give a quick mention to LandGirl1980, who should now be called Dr LandGirl1980 - I still had a bit of a cough, until I read her comment on David Bowie (my last post), I laughed so hard, then nothing... No cough - Cured. Thank You xx

My Christmas is going to be an odd one, it has not been cancelled, it has been extended. My Grandparents were due (today) to come over and stay in a gorgeous little cottage for the festive period, and of course, spend the big day with the family - They're snowed in, and had to cancel the trip.
My Brother was going to drive over on Christmas morning and spend a couple of days with us... He's also snowed in!
My Uncle was going to come over for the New Year... You guessed it, there's a lot of snow involved!
So what do you do when half your family cannot make it for Christmas Day? Why, you just celebrate it several times over the course of the next month! I'm not down about it, it's snow, what can you do?
I have a confession though, I'm rather looking forward to a small Christmas - Just 4 of us (including the cat), but we have everything we need: Home-made Whisky truffles... Oh, and each other!

So, the feastivities to one side for the moment... I have not only finished a fabulous (tooting my own horn here) bonnet - It is... warm. I wore it out the other day and had to loosen it, despite to freezing temperature!
I have also, finally, finished the elk scarf. I kept putting it down to concentrate on other projects, but last night, whilst watching Hound of the Baskervilles (terrifying stuff), I finished. It has tassles and everything!
I just have to take some photos... But I'm looking at all that white stuff outside and not really fancying it!

However, I do have photos: The main tree, 7 feet of faux eden pine, to be precise!

And, my bedroom tree, 3 feet of pink, shiney garish-ness

As you will see from my tree, I like to put everything on the tree. If it's still in the box, then why do you own it? The main tree, however, is actually quite.. tasteful. Though you may be able to tell, this isn't how I'd decorate it!

I should also mention, I have never known a man to put up a tree, no word of a lie. It sounds sexist, but this is true, and I was always told (thanks, Mama) that men couldn't work out how to put the screws in the base... Well, there must be something in the air, as I now have it confirmed that, yes indeed, men can perform this task, and well. Bruce has a tree up, beautifully decorated may I say, and I was told just yesterday that my Brother has got himself a tree! This is big news, his house, I'm told (I have yet to visit!) is tiny, and I won't mention all the clutter that dwarfed his last house! Ooops

I raise a glass of Whisky to all you tree-putter-uppers, don't leave any decorations in the box and you will have performed your task well. I feel like I'm presenting a Jedi award ceremony (I'll tell you about my awful Jedi-themed job interview one day)

I'm rambling on, I swear I haven't started drinking in the morning, it's just that typing is keeping me warm. I'll be back on Friday for sure, with some knitting themed photos

Until then, keep warm and feed the birds

Jenny xx


  1. Ha ha ha!!! Dr LG - i'd quite like the pay packet that goes with that! Glad I could oblige. And, that you are feeling better.
    Loving the 7 footer. As the tree-putter-upper, I nod at your Whiskey raise - and promptly pass the whiskey to The Beard, as I am not a fan. Have a good one poppet (now.... where is my The Snowman dvd.....)

  2. Fab tree. :-)

    You can add my Dad to you short list of men who do actually put up trees. He LOVES christmas and always goes mad with decorations everywhere. The tree is definitly his job. My Mum just leaves him too it and then maybe moves a few baubles around when he's not looking!

  3. Oh your trees are lovely!

    I must say that in our family it is definatly my mum who does all the christmas decorating my dad only has two jobs, one is getting the stuff out of the loft, and the other is putting on the tree the vintage baubles that his gran left to him and they are getting fewer each year!