Friday, 30 July 2010

Peas, Bicycles and Good News

Finally, a good day after so many bad ones. I won't go into detail about the bad days, they're in the past now, time to move forward. Today though, I honestly think my luck may have changed... First off was the regular trip to get some fruit, but I popped into the charities and found a book (Milly in the Fifth by Evelyn Smith), I'm not too sure about it, but for the money I paid, I will enjoy every page of it! I also picked up MotoGP 3 for the X-Box, ideal for rainy afternoons and finally, the best thing of all: I was in one of my favourite charity shops (because they sometimes have dogs in there!), looking through the pile of 1980's knitting patterns, when the lady running the shop asked if there was anything in particular I was looking for. Well, I told her I wanted the pre-1950's jumper patterns, only to be told she had loads of them at home, and would try and remember to bring them in for me next Friday!! (That really deserves 2 !!, don't you think?)
I also went into Carmarthen this afternoon, and finally got myself a library card and found a 1954 cookbook in a charity shop. I was almost tempted to try my luck with the lottery, but I can never stand to loose £1!

I still haven't got a bike! I'm changing my plans though, I will probably never be able to justify £400 for a bicycle, so instead, I'm looking out for a 1930's bicycle to fix up, but even they can be expensive - Is it too much to ask? All I really want, is to look like the girl in this 1950's drawing!

The little bit for negative news is that the peas are going over in the garden! I want peas all year round, I love them so much. Hopefully I'll manage to save enough for some soup before they've all gone.

Oh, and other good news - The postman finally arrived (I've been 2 weeks without him turning up before, then arriving with a huge bundle!), and he bought my copy of Vintage Life Magazine! I haven't looked though it yet, but it looks fantastic, and so glossy!
I've hopefully got some exciting things happeneing this weekend, if the rain can stay away! I'll also show you some of my recent kniting projects that I'm trying to finish before I go and visit my Gran in 12 days time
Have a lovely weekend, Jenny xx

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