Thursday, 21 October 2010

Christmas Presents: What Every Glamourous Girl Needs

I wouldn't describe myself as particularly glamourous, my profile photo will confirm this, but it's nice to get into the role occasionally. So brush your hair and put on your clean slippers, we're going to be fancy today!

This is a small selection of perfect presents for a glamourous girl:

Dammenburg Selection Box - £9.30 - No Nuts, Just Chocolate
 Chocolate... From my favourite brand, Dammenberg. These are nut-free, which makes them all the better. I do have a nut allergy (lesbian jokes need not be sent, I've heard them all!), and finding decent chocolate was a nightmare. This selection box contains: rum-coffee (dark), cloudberry (milk) and green tea (white). And I can assure you, they are worth every penny, plus, the box is really handy for sewing threads (and retains a gorgeous chocolate-y scent!).

Reproduction Bakelite Cherry Brooch - £35.00 - Notorious Kitsch
Jewellery - Some may like a diamond ring, others may like a bakelite bangle. Personally, I love bakelite, so what better than a repro-bakelite brooch with cherries on? I think this is a the bargain of the day considering the prices of original pieces.

Besame Sweetheart Balm - £14.50 - Deadly is the Female
Cosmetics aren't always the best present as it can be down to personal choice, but this balm is surely perfect? Practical, pretty and we've found more cherries to add to the list!

Leopard Alice Fascinator - £35.00 - Deadly is the Female
Leopard print had to come into it somewhere, and this fascinator covers it well. Some find it hard to wear hats, myself included, and berets can appear too casual for a meeting with the bank manager, so a fascinator is the answer! Imagine all the wonderful outfits this is complete?

All you need now is to be good for the next 8 weeks, and Father Christmas may just bring you something special...

Jenny xx


  1. Naturally I am a big fan of cherries! I actually have some cherry chocolates stashed in the cupboard, waiting for me to make cup cakes for them to sit on top of.

    I very much admire anyone who wears leopard print. As vintage and kitsch as it is, I can only think of Kat Slater whenever I see it...

  2. You ain't my mother!
    I know just what you mean, leopard print can be a bit hit or miss

  3. Yesssss I am!!!!

    That might be the only scene Kat added the 's' to 'yes'...!