Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Extreme Sports: Skiing And Knitting

This will only be a quick "hello" today, I started with a sore throat on Monday evening, and now I think I'm going to loose my voice. I last lost my voice in January, the day of my Birthday, of all days! Apologies, I'm feeling sorry for myself today.

So I've been at home, watch T.V. and knitting, and of course, trying to get better - honey & lemon, fruit teas and some chocolate...
Monday was a pretty good day, I managed to get up and out of the house fairly early. I even pinned my fringe up!
Lady Cherry's comment on leopard print amused me so much that I decided to wear my leopard (faux) swing coat to keep me warm. Here's the proof, though I forgot to hold my 1960's gold/bronze bag for the picture, doh!

Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Reindeer cardigan: Hand knitted by my Gran
Vintage Leopard print coat: eBay
Beret: Charity Shop
60's bag (not shown): Boot Sale
60's Gloves: Boot Sale
Boots: Asda
I finally finished the skiiers pullover, the pattern is early 1950's. This is certainly going to be one of my favoured items in my wardrobe!
Skiing looks a bit of the dangerous side, so I'll stick to knitting skiing motifs!

Detail of Skiiers

Skiiers Pullover
 If I get to it, I'll be finishing a headscarf tonight, yay!

Happy knitting, Jenny xx


  1. Love the jumper! You look very warm and snuggly and not a bit like Kat Slater in your leopard print, bravo! Hope you feel better soon. Lord Cherry would be most pleased if I lost my voice xx

  2. Aww hope you feel better soon. Great jumper it's looking great love the colour. Im also loving your coat very snug. Take care Dee

  3. Wow, love the jumper, hope you're soon feeling better Lucey xx

  4. Thank you for your kind wishes, I'm already feeling much better, and wil hopefully be out and about in some kind of leopard-y goodness by Monday! Jenny xx

  5. I love that pullover, those shades look really nice together.

  6. Another beautiful vintage knit! Love it!
    And because your knitting skills make me green with envy, I have awared you the 'one lovely blog award'!!

  7. This. Is. a. Killer. KNIT. Oh man!