Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Welcome To The Family

First off, thank you. Your comments reguarding my "run in" with the eBayer has given me some confidence, just because I'm a girl, I will not be bullied by a man. I clearly have more knowledge in this area than he does, therefore, I am Queen!

Thanks to your wonderful hug, I'm feeling much more in the mood for some proper old fashioned blogging.

Last week I became the proud new owner of a bicycle! This time, she is a perfect fit for me, so many happy adventures are sure to follow. I'll now give you a little run down of my new baby:

She is a BSA, I think the model may be a Club Roadster, some investigation is needed.

Bought in 1930, the previous owner has the original receipt, but has mis-laid it, fingers crossed it will turn up

She has a single speed, which ideal for someone like me who is useless with gears!

A whopper of a bell, which sound like a telephone, or shop bell, it has a rather loud ding

A chain cover (only a half, not fully enclosed)

Dunlop sprung saddle, with matching saddlebag (Ideal for my make-up, as my Dad said!)

BSA rubber pedals

She had an ivory coloured Apex pump, but the washer had split, so I went o get a new one, and came away with a new pump instead! I'd be gutted if the Apex was stolen, so it will go on display and the Zefal will be the pump attached to the back.

I picked her up on the Thursday before last, following a rather exciting jaunt into the hills, and a few wrong turns - I blame AA Route Finder entirely, fine for straight forward journeys, but it doesn't understand country lanes too well!

So that's my girl, safely tucked away in the workshop until we get the nice weather back. I spent last week re-learning to ride. I'm rather wobbly and seem to emulate a 4 year old's first ride without stabilisers!

By the weekend I had discovered the joy of indicating, even though it was only on the yard. I'd never been able to remove my hands from the bars before... Well, I did, but ended up skirt over head in the hedge.
After this little achievement, I started riding without hands at all! I've yet to go out on the road, so not half as careless as it sounds.

Due to her impressive 81 year old status, I've started looking a bit into early 1930's get-up, but come across one problem. I now really want a cloche, I have one but it's in dire need of some TLC. I wants to knit one and thought I'd found the perfect pattern, but after finishing it, discovered I'd knitted a beanie! I'm too old to be a skateboarder, so it was soo unraveled and is now being knitted into a cardigan. Know of a suitable pattern?

Anyways, I'd best be off, work to do and all that.

Thank you once again, you really have helped

Queen Jennie of Carmarthen

(How fantastic does that sound?!)


  1. What a soooooooper bicyclette!!!

  2. Oh, what an amazing velo!! Awesome!

  3. What a Grand Bike!

    Don't know if this cloche pattern is any good I have been wanting to try it for an age (some good versions on ravelry)

  4. Wow, how lucky are you to own such a wonderful bike as that??? Hope you have lots of fun, lucey xx

  5. Makes me want to get a bike now. lol

  6. Ooo, I’m sooooooo happy for you, yet slightly miffed because I want one too! She is lovverleee If my father was anything of a father he would restore the one that Ma was given as a youngster- I think it must be around the same age as yours or even 20’s- pa said it’s probably a pile of orange dust now- Boo hoo! Ah well, keep thinking ‘curls will be squashed by your helmet, tups’…. ‘Curls will be squa…..’

    Tickety xxx

  7. gorgeous bike! and i agree, don't let internet sellers bully you

  8. What a nifty bike! I have a feeling it will be well loved in it's new home and hopefully they can find the receipt (that would be too cool!)

  9. ooohhhh fab ;-)) enjoy, dee x

  10. Love, love the bike time, I could die for one of those ...

  11. Thank you all, she really is a lovely bike, I wonder if she'll be happy with me?
    Tickety: Go and get that bike out, we all need bikes this Summer, I'm told it's "fashionable"! I may have found a solution to squashed curls, will blog... xx

  12. Dashed jealous of the bike old gal....such a splendid old clunker!