Tuesday, 1 March 2011

St David's Day Knitting Parade

St David's Day is probably the best day of the year for me, I'm pretty sure it never rains and there is a good spread of daffodils on the roadside. I was going to try and get some daffodil photos, but it's rather nippy out, and I'm feeling lovely and lazy after lunch, so I'll show you some other things I've been up to...

I went to a boot-sale on Sunday, the first for me this year. It rained, it was gusty, it was dismal! Despite some lovely 1930's pieces at good prices, I only made one purchase, a pair of new (but not new) faux fur gloves made by Bryans Gloves, in my size, for £2.00 - Perfect, but why couldn't I have found these back in September?

Bryans Gloves, now mine!
 I'm on the move again, though I'm just going downstairs this time! Perfect excuse to sort through my wardrobe, well, I say wardrobe, that's full and everything else is in suitcases/boxes/on the back of chairs! This is all I managed to get into my teeny weeny wardrobe!

Large wardrobe required by young Lady with much attire
I've also been knitting, but at the expense of reading my new Vintage Life magazine and sewing! This is the jumper mentioned in my last post, I just mis-counted the stitches and lost my place in the pattern..Doh!
This is a 1934 Chevron patterned Jumper in daffodil (or lemon, if you prefer) and will have a chocolate brown neck tie. I'm sure I'll be mistaken for a Brownie!

I also have every intention of having me hair cut this week, it's now below my shoulders and I'm bored. I fancy a bob for the Summer, thoughts?

So I'll now leave you to enjoy the rest of your day, I hope the sun's shining for you

Jennie xx (I'm reverting to the previous spelling of me name!)


  1. damn those gloves look cosy! no sun for newport [sad times] can't wait to see the finished jumper :]

  2. Wow that jumper looks amazing, gorgeous colour to just right for summer days, dee x

  3. Agree, the jumper looks really pretty. I'm going to have to get out of my scarf comfort zone!

    I went to a boot sale as well this weekend, without an umbrella. Drowned rat springs to mind. Didn't come away with as much as I'd have liked, but did get some 50s cocktail glasses for 50p each, so not a complete washout.

    Not sure who I found your blog through - have been trawling for fellow vintage and thrifting fans - but you seem like a kindred spirit, so am now following!

  4. so In love with those gloves (is that kinda wrong??) Great blog! From your newest follower - scarlett x