Monday, 28 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I'd written this about two weeks back, but things happen and it wasn't published, but was deleted, so I'm starting from stratch...

I was very kindly given the Stylish Blogger Award by Living Vintage, and to accept, I must list 7 things about me:

1: I have a hatred of flip-flops / thonged sandals - I can't look at them or hear their name without shuddering. Just writing this is horrifying! I won't illustrate this with a picture!

2: I appeared in a documentary about trees, it was horrible day of standing around whilst they tried to be "arty" with an acorn. And it was all for nothing, the tape which was sent on to watch was the wrong one, so I didn't get to see it, and it was shown on a cable channel, so I guess nobody else saw it either!

3: My dream car (one of them) is a Vauxhall Firenza. This is probably due to my Dad previously owning one. My best memory of her was packing up the car, me being put in a child seat (I was only diddy at the time) and heading off for a day of drag racing... Yes, the family car hurtling down a drag strip!

My Dad sold her to a friend and ever since, I've dreamed of buying her back, but two weeks ago we were told that the garage she was stored in (along with 1950's car parts, motorcycles, boats etc) burnt to the ground and she was lost - Is the dream over?

4: I've never owned a dog, I was brought up with cats. Though, cats in general don't seem too impressed with me, but dogs will come from miles around to jump up at me and chase me along the beach

5: I love broccoli. I'll eat most fruit & veg, but broccoli is something special and should be in every meal!

6: I (stupidly?) turned down an apprenticeship in mechanics for a large car dealership. Cars were right down on the list of vechicles I wanted to work on after motorcycles, HGVs, oh and panel beating... But I was offered cars. I'd not heard from them in a while so chose to set up my business, and a week later, they called! But I would like to add, I had to sit a basics test before being offered a place! Get me!

7: The hardest to talk about without being judged. I went to a Pupil Referral Unit (P.R.U.), which is NOT a prison, Eastenders seemed to think it was, but I can assure you there were no bars at the windows, the doors were unlocked and we weren't in jumpsuits!

Well, there you have it, some things you may not know about me. I rambled on, I know, but sometimes I do think it's important to provide an explanation.

So, I'd like to pass this on to:

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I'm off now for some lunch, and to work out why my new knitting project has 20 too many stitches on the needle!


Jenny xx

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  1. Still chuckling about number 4 I don't think Cats are ever impressed by anyone except maybe people with cat allergies. lol