Monday, 7 September 2015

Treasure In The Sewing Room

Good morning folks!

Well, just about, it's firmly heading towards midday and my to-do list is rather long, but I need a quick break between vacuuming and sorting out the washing.

As you may know, I sell vintage sewing patterns over on Etsy. In the whole process of getting the patterns online, they're checked, photographed, popped into little bags and labelled, before finally being listed in the shop.

I, as many stitchers do, have found little bits of joy inside the envelope alongside the actually pattern; a wartime pencil, pieces of fabric, an aerogramme even. But my favourites finds are newspaper, with juicy stories of runaway teens heading for Gretna being the best.

However, if the paper can be dated, it just adds to the joy of the pattern. My latest listing is one such joyous pattern. There are three pieces cut in newspaper, seemingly nothing to do with the pattern inside (which is complete).

I did a quick search online, to discover the stories are from 1943

These include the death of Mr John De Havilland, Colonel Graham West awaiting his "Bader legs" and my personal favourite; A mention of oranges!

There is also a crossword, completely unanswered! How anyone could pass a crossword by without having a go is beyond me.

I actually feel a little sad to let the pattern go, but alas, it's a size too big and I already have plenty of patterns I keep saying I'm going to adjust... It just doesn't happen :)

The pattern, should you be interested, is available here.

Well, that's all for now. I'm not sure I'll be posting before Friday. But I will be back on Friday for Jennie On The Kitchen Front. This week I'm trying to decide between biscuits and cake, ooh, the decisions!

Until then


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