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1942 Fruit Cake (no eggs or milk) - Jennie On The Kitchen Front

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I'm having a bit of "Disaster Day" today, so stand clear, if I go down, I'm taking you with me!

Words are escaping me today, so blogging isn't really a good idea is it? Never fear, a recipe is here!

Before setting off to your kitchen, I have to warn you, I did have an issue with this one. So although I'm putting the recipe up, I am going to remake and rewrite the recipe. Though this is perfectly edible!

1942 Fruit Cake (no eggs or milk)
"A moist, rich-tasting cake, the kind a man likes"

4 ozs national wheatmeal flour - I used plain wholemeal
4ozs self-raising flour
1 level teaspoonful baking powder
1 level teaspoonful bicarbonate of soda
3 tablespoonfuls sugar
1 tablespoonful red jam - I used strawberry
4 ozs margarine or lard - I used margarine
2 teaspoonfuls mixed spice
4 to 6 ozs fruit, any kind or mixed - I used raisins, dates and a pinch of sultanas
1 gill water, short measure - 1/4 pint

Clean the fruit in flour; if raisins or dates are used, chop them.

Put the sugar, jam, fat, fruit and water into a saucepan, bring slowly to the boil, continue boiling for 1 minute; stand aside until cool, but not cold.

Mix the two flours, baking powder, bicarbonate and spice in a basin, make a well, gradually add the lukewarm mixture and mix well.

Put into a greased 6-inch cake tin and bake for nearly 2 hours, moderately slow oven for 1 1/2 hours, then slow oven for about 25 minutes longer. After about 3/4 hour, when cake is nicely brown, cover with paper to prevent burning.


Right, this is where I went wrong. I put the cake in at Gas Mark 4 (180 C / 350 F) and turned it down to Gas Mark 2 (150 C / 300 F). It did catch on the top, so what I am going to do next time is either turn the oven down to Gas mark 3, turning down to Gas Mark 1. Also, after 1 1/2 hours, I will test to see if it's cooked.

The cake came out looking a little burnt, however, the actually cake inside is moist and really scrummy. So, just be careful with your temperature and timing... Everything you should normally do then! :) 

It is nice though, I've yet to test it on a man, so if you make this one, could you let us all know if a man does indeed like this?

So, I'm off for another slice and a cup of tea. I'll be back next week, I am trying to find the time to write between recipes, maybe I should write everything on Fridays and schedule them...

Anyway, till next time


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