Friday, 14 January 2011

Knit One, Throw One

I've spent two weeks trying to come up with a suitable name for this post, with consideration that I plan on making this a weekly feature: Crafting
If you have an idea for a name, send your answers on a postcard to... (maybe just leave a comment?)

Anyways, not much crafting has been achieved this year as I made an order for supplies which I'm running out of, and they sent me the wrong size items, so I emailed them, and I'm still waiting...
So I'll show you that last two items made in 2010.

1940's Bonnet
 The bonnet was a much needed item, and thankfully, knitted up in record quick time. It's knitted in a mustard colour, which compliments my green coat. It's also knitted double, so is very toasty indeed. It must be warm, as I wore it on the farm on Sunday and didn't once complain that my ears were cold, but did have to loosen it a bit!

Elk Scarf
Oh, my beloved Elk scarf! Those people and elk were fun to knit, but as soon as I started on the plain white stretch, I got bored - That's when I put it down and made the bonnet!
The tassles were attched whilst watching Hound of The Baskervilles, and yes, I did jump and throw the scarf at the TV to try and scare the dog... I'm clearly more of a cat person!

Elk Scarf Detail
I took the scarf, bonnet and ski pullover over to my Grandparents for our second Christmas, as my Gran is a knitter with more knowledge than I could ever wish for, so I know whether or not I've "done good".
First, she inspected the ski pullover: "Very Good", she said.
Then the bonnet: "That'll keep the cold away".
And then, the scarf, which I'm very proud of: "Well, I know you didn't knit that!"
I had witnesses to say I'd knitted that, and she was shocked. I presume it's because I don't get to see her often, so she doesn't know what I've been knitting and what my skill level is. Though to be fair, I still say I'm a beginner.

I would like to say one more thing concerning my knitting; I have never gone down that route of starting with a scarf or blanket squares, I started with baby bootees, then went on to jumpers, so this scarf was the first one I've ever made, and possibly the last, they're so boring!

I noticed last night that I have 45 followers, but when we get to 50, I'm having a giveaway - I don't know what the prize will be, but I think it might be hand knitted!

I'm off for some more tea, and some sewing, then Dharma & Greg

Jenny & George xx


  1. To me you are an amazing knitter! You are the best I know, well apart from my gran and grt grannie! I have such trouble with stocking stitch- I’m so uneven, so I usually chicken out, and do that bit on my knitting machine! (Naughty me) My first project was a 50’s lacy cardigan, spent more time un-picking than knitting (if that’s possible!?) and second item was a pair of socks!
    I love your model! Tups x

  2. I love the detail on your Elk Scarf; I've only attempted to knit intarsia once and I got into such a muddle that I gave up! I think you've definately exceeded beginner status now.

  3. Love all the detail on the elk scarf. I run a knitting group in the library I work in but I can't knit! I just provide the biscuits and patterns, time for me to learn!

  4. What a great little knitter you are! I have never attempted it and it looks very complicated. But of course you wouldn't have knitted anything yet, we have to get used to writing the correct year at the end of the date first! :-)