Monday, 17 January 2011

Ding Ding!

What's your dream for this year? Not marrying Brad Pitt or winning the lottery, but a real achievable dream.
One of my big dreams for this year can be summed up with the following words:


Los Angeles

New York

Whoo Hoo

I'm a big dreamer, I love maps, I love planning and packing and journeys - I love journeys! My favourite thing to do is to get out the maps, guide books and a basic kit list and make a huge plan in a note pad, then spend days refining it. Some trips haven't come off, but it doesn't matter, the fun was in the planning.

I know I certainly wouldn't be the first, or last, but this is a really big thing for me - personally. I was told I wouldn't make anything of my life, and I fell into the trap of believing this, so I didn't put much effort in. But I realised that when I read about people who untake these trips, I have a warm fuzzy feeling - So why don't I do something and permanently have a warm fuzzy feeling?

We should do something, I say we... I'm dragging you all into this! I'm quite good and dragging unsuspecting people into these things, like a female Derren Brown - You want to come on this trip, don't you?
Imagine the scene: a group of vintage-y people, all on vintage-y bikes, screaming with delight at being on Route 66 - Like a hardcore Tweed Run, but maybe without the tweed? Plus, I hear there are some fabulous vintage shops in the States...

Route 66 is awfully quiet!

I'm sure you're doing one of two things right now: Squeeling with delight at the thought of doing this, or shaking your head thinking it's too crazy to comtemplate. But just remember, it has been done, it is possible, so why not?

Although, I've just done a search - 2462 miles? Seriously?

I may have already put too much into this, I've already got a bike sorted, I just have to raise and extra £30 and it's mine... Please come with me, my Mami won't let me go alone!

See you at the airport!

Jenny xx


  1. ;-))) Awww what a great post. Sounds like a great plan and dreams do and can come true. Dee ;-) x

  2. It sounds like fun but man what a commitment. How about I just join you for a couple day leg of the journey. ;)

  3. I would love, love, LOVE to do this!!!!

  4. Dee: I haven't had much luck with dreams so far, so maybe this year? Fingers crossed.

    Living Vintage: That'd be great

    Keshling: Well, I think you've just signed yourself up for a holiday :)