Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Three Items

Wednesday? I'm aware I often make reference to the day of the week with disbelief, time seems to slip away from me. What happened to those days which would last a week, and filled with sunshine and long country walks? Am I old before my time?

Well, this got me thinking, I'd planned some blogs for this year and things took a turn in the wrong direction (see last post). So I'm hoping to pick up now, and try and get things back on track, and today is a good day as we're on the eve of a New Year (in the Julian calender!), the Old New Year is on the 13th - So to be fair, I haven't broken any resolutions yet!

Oh, just to get this in now, thank you for your kind comments regarding George's ill health. I realised I didn't make something clear in the post when I mentioned not wanting to call the vet... He is not going to suffer just because we don't want to call the vet, if he gets that ill, the vet will be called - Allowing him to suffer would be much worse than calling the vet. I hope that's cleared up, I think I may have sounded a bit selfish in the post, but George is Number 1 in this house and his wellbeing will be put first.
Also, the vet didn't give a time frame concerning his future, but said to bring him in "sooner rather than later", which as far as I'm concerned is as good as shrugging and saying "meh". We don't know how far advanced his kidney failure is as he wouldn't allow the vet to take blood, but that's because the vet is a man, and he'll only be treated by a lady, George is the Leslie Phillips of the feline world! Ding Dong

George has been much better these last few days, and I'm sure it's as a result of all these hugs (real and virtual) - Thank you

Right, as George is sleeping by the fire, I'll get my New Years post finished...

I'm determined to make the most of 2011, no more lazing around and dreaming - It's fine to plan, as long as you actually do something about it!
So here are 3 essential items you will need in 2011 to make the most of it:

Canon PowerShot SD1300IS 12 MP Digital Camera with 4x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Pink)
Canon Powershot SD1300IS - Amazon

A camera: This is similar to the camera I received for Christmas, oh yes, did I tell you? The camera is essential for taking those all important pictures to help remember 2011 for years to come, and also to prove to the world you "went there and did that"

Bakelite style clock - Notorious Kitsch - £10
A clock: So you can wake early and make the most of each and every day. Enough said.

Mock Iguana Diary - W. H. Smith

A Diary: To plan your year and make notes of what you've been doing. Then in years to come, you'll look through it and be reminded of what a great year this was!

So there you have it, three items which will guide you through the year with more ease than a duck on butter

Friday's blog is already planned, so stay tuned and see you then

Jenny & George xx


  1. Hi Jenny, love the 3 items. I always keep a diary every year its my little life line so to speak. Gald to hear Goerge is a bit better. Enjoy the rest of your week. dee x

  2. Yay! So happy to hear George is feeling a better! *hugs*

  3. love the clock!!

    I am the opposite.. 'Wednesday? Not Friday??' x