Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Haul

Hello Lovely People!

As promised, I'll show you my recent haul. This is from a boot sale and a few charity shops.

A month or so ago, I didn't find anything at the boot sale, until I came to the last stall, I kid you not!
This isn't a find in the realms of a diamond brooch for 10p, but still, I didn't have one, now I do!
It's a 1951 Festival of Britain guide.

Then fast forward a few weeks and once again, I'm not finding anything, then half way through this beauty catches my eye and the lady selling was lovely. She said she found it at the back of her Mother's wardrobe when she was clearing out. What is "it"? A 1953 Coronation moneybox of course!

Then, when Ma was rummaging through a box of jewellery looking for another watch (seriously, how many does she need?) I noticed this brooch. It unclips at the back to become two clips! It's a bit tatty, but isn't she lovely?

Then coming to the end, I met a woman who I think is a star, not only were her prices reasonable, she even accepted my a-little-bit-silly offer! I'd noticed some brownish pattern envelopes in amongst piles upon piles of 1970s sewing patterns. I dragged them all out and this was my find:

Whilst I was cooing over them, the lady said they'd belonged to a seamstress and some of her magazines were on the next table... I grabbed the patterns and made a dash for it. Yes, a pile of 1930s magazines! I left the childrens, out-size and ones I already had (I'm thinking of heading back, don't worry!). One of the magazines doesn't have a pattern, one was missing the pattern, but the rest have their patterns! Yipee!

This is my favourite, the 1937 Coronation issue, add it to the sewing pile!

Then out and about round the charities, it's been a poor year for decent finds, or at least, ones I can afford! Is it just me or are the prices going up? Ma did find Series one and two of Upstairs, Downstairs for me the other month though (costume love!) - Thank you Mama!
I did find this on me holiday though:

I've never seen one like this before, so I'm a happy bunny. On the back is "Llandyssul". I was paying for this when I spotted my next item. I looked at it but didn't have enough money on me. So I continued round town having a think, then got the money out and made for the shop in question - It was still there, and now it's mine!

Not in the best of conditions, but it's a 1937 Coronation compact - Happy Jennie! The inside is a bit tatty too:

Then, last week I had a wander into my favourite antiques shop to annoy the chap in there! He'll usually charges quite a bit, but sometimes I'll get a bargain. Anyways, this little stunner was under the counter:

I know it's got bits missing, but isn't it lovely?

Then on Saturday I was given this box of knives by the lady Brother Elder lives with, I think they belonged to her parents.

I'm not usually one for collecting cutlery, and I'm sure Ma is praying I don't start! But I wonder if the rest of the set is out there somewhere...
I'm in complete love with this box though, the packaging is wonderful, but each knife still has his little paper sleeping bag!

Anyway, that's me done for the day. Off to do some work then get the polka dot dress of doom out to work on! Then I'm going to treat myself to a read of the ghostly tales book I picked up the other day.
Happy Bargain Hunting!

Jennie xx


  1. What brilliant finds!
    That happens to me so often, I walk round a boot fair grumbling that there's nothing there, then I stumble across something amazing!

    1. It does make that find all the sweeter if you're about to give up hope, doesn't it?

  2. Oooooooooh (too many oo’s?), what a wonderful haul. Quite envious am I over it all- must be your time for finding a load of coronation ware! I especially like your pattern and magazine stash- they are super. It must be rather exciting to find the 30’s ones.

    Oh and I have an unused box of knives like that… well, they are the same make, but have a black and more angular handle and live in a blue box instead (complete with sleeping bags!)… yes'exactly' the same!

    I shall now shut up and say Bye...
    T x

    1. I have been lucky of late, especially with the Coronation ware. Though I did leave behind a Victoria Jubilee mug, kicking myself now!

      The knives do sounds exactly the same Tupps :)

      The patterns are also my favourites, I haven't checked them yet, but if you'd like to borrow them, just ask, you look trustworthy enough :)

  3. My, all those 30's patterns!!

  4. Oh, those are superb finds! I greatly envy you the magazines and clips!

  5. Crikey, that is one super-duper haul! I'm with Mim and envy you your magazine stash! ;-)