Monday, 24 June 2013

Holiday At Home - June 2013 - Part Two

Hello fellow holiday enthusiasts!

So, last time we covered Monday and Tuesday... here

Wednesday (12th):

Before we'd even set off, this was the weather!

Off to Narberth, it's not too far from me and is a really lovely town. They occasionally have vintage fayres (unfortunately it's more candles in tea cups than proper vintage), but never mind! We went to the museum, which for some reason, we'd never been to. The staff in there are wonderful and the exhibits are really interesting. The collection of vintage shoes are a favourite, as are the samplers.
Like a plum, I didn't get any photos of the museum, but it really is lovely.

Narberth Museum

Then we headed to Newgale for lunch, I'm learning to love rabbit food (I'm a rubbish vegetarian, I'm just not a fan of leaves!) but this was a lovely salad, Thank you Mama.

And this was the view:

Then off we go again, up the coast road, eventually finding ourselves at the Solva Woollen Mill... I must admit, I was expecting an olde worlde mill chattering away. What we found was a tea room and shop. The mill does work (according to their website), I think that was the extension they're still building. It was all a bit confusing! Good points though; A family were taking a photo of their toddler (maybe 3 years old) wearing jeans with turnips and a tweed jacket, he was so adorable! And the mill had a cat, we named him Tiddles.

Did I take snaps of the mill? No, but I did take one of their sign! Their website is here

The off we went again, a bit down but not quite out! Off to St Davids. Now, I've been to St Davids once, a bit shameful as I used to live just down the road! I had never been to the Cathedral or the Bishop's Palace, so that was the aim.

We had a lovely look round the Cathedral with the little map provided, it really is stunning. One part of the ceiling is like York Minster, though not half as bit - The painted bits I'm talking about. Can you tell, I don't have a clue what the names are for everything! My teachers are probably have fits right now!

You have to pay to take photos inside... so we didn't. We were going to have tea in their tea room, but it was jammed - So I imagaine it's good stuff! Now, a bit personal, but I'm still amused by this (it really doesn't take much!) - If you visit, use the facilities - They're very plain, though very clean, but it amused me to think you can wee in the Cathedral and not get kicked out... See, simple pleasures!
Free to get in, but they do say it costs £2,300 a day to run, so have a donation box near the door, so pay however much you wish to.
This is what St David's Cathedral looks like from the outside:

It's down in a dip, and utterly massive. Their site is here

Then road the back is the Bishop's Palace, you do have to pay to go in... £3.50 for the pleasure! I really do hate paying to look at a ruin, there are some stairs and wheelchair lift and even those talking guide boards, but I was less than impressed, sorry.  I'm thinking it's probably much better on a nice day? But they do use the site as an open air theatre, which is a nice idea.
Anyway, partly why I'm such a grump about the place was that my white tennis shoes are now brown! It was very puddle-y, and my feet were soaked!
Here's how she looks (not me, the snap of me would scare Marilyn Manson!):

And the Cadw page of the Bishop's Palace is here

Thursday (13th):

Off to my "go-to" place when I want an afternoon out. The National Wool Museum at Drefache Felindre  is a wonderful place. They have various exhibitions on throughout the year and a craft fayre in November - No, I don't work for them, I'm just in love with this place!
They are currently displaying knitted bits by Kaffe Fassett, not really my sort of thing as I think they're a bit dated, but if you like his stuff, do visit!
In their display room they also have some stunning outfits, be prepared to swoon!
It's just up the road from me so a really easy place to visit, plus, it's free! Parking is free too! The reason for this is that it's a National Museum of Wales, like St Fagans - Yay!

We chose a good day to go (not realising it beforehand) as they had the mule going upstairs and they were weaving in the shed opposite. The mule is a gorgeous bit of kit, I'm on the look out for one on eBay now... Now, if I can just repair the barn...
They also sell their blankets in the shop - Swoon! I'm saving up. They also have atea room area, which is usually packed and everything smells so good.
The staff need a special mention, they are always good and don't seem to mind a numpty like me wandering around!
Oh, and the wheel!

A true action shot! The museum page is here

Anyway, after this we went off to West Wales Museum of Childhood and had lunch in their car park. Then we went in and paid to have a look around. The £5.00 entry fee is a bit steep, but upon meeting the couple who run it, Paul & Hilary, you will just hand over the cash - They are lovely.
So off we went, round the outbuilding packed with toys - I'm a collector, but this is something else!
Photos are allowed, though it's rather dark so good quality photos are hard to take...

This was one of my favourite cabinets, I would happily take everything in there!
Proof of their sense of humour was this sign:

I saw this and had to take a snap for Miss Tupney, (you do have some sailor dolls, right? I'm not thinking of someone else?):

It's such a poor snap, but that cheeky little sailor  asked me to take one anyway!
Anyway, go and visit them, look round the museum and buy a magnet, they're only 99p!

Their website is here

Then we popped off to Newcastle Emlyn, the bestest town around, though I'm not quite sure why I love it so!

Friday (14th):

We spent the day at home, watching DVDs and drinking cocoa, we were exhausted!

Saturday (15th):

We we popped over to Lampeter to visit the Welsh Quilt Centre, which seemed to be a shop downstairs are a display upstairs, which we had to pay to see! I can't remember how much it was, but I'll put it this way, I won't be going back!
They have an exhibition of Kaffe Fassett quilts right now, but what I went for were the vintage quilts, but there weren't as many as I'd expected.
I took a snap of the display room, there were some quilts in the stair well too, but this is the bulk of it:

Had it been free, I couldn've enjoyed it much more - I'm so mean! But this is the website

We then had a wander around Lampeter, which for some unknown reason, neither of us had ever visited before! But while you're there, do go into Calico Kate - This is THE shop if you're into sewing! She has a bit of wool too, but it's eight rooms of fabric! I could hardly breath. You'll need to bring a list of what you want, otherwise you will get carried away! Her lovely website is here

And that was that! I know you may not think it was much of a holiday, but it was the first holiday we've had in years! I picked up a few goodies during the week, which I'll show off with some other things I'd found the week before, and since.

So what have I discovered? I still love the wool museum, I've found another favoured place in St Fagans and I love Calico Kate!

See you soon!

Bye for now

Jennie xxx


  1. Yes indeedy I do- my little fella is called Bell-bottom Giorgio (from an Italian ship you see and currently a PoW!). At the moment I have more airmen - three little battered RAF chaps! Just need four more and I will have my own little bomber crew! Ta for taking the snap- I do like seeing the little folk. It looks like one of those museums where you want to take everything home… is it?


    1. Your own little bomber crew in the making? When you get four more you ought to get them a model plane, like the chap had on Antiques Roadshow t'other evening! Yes, it really is one of those museums: You either had it, have it or want it!