Sunday, 8 July 2012

Two Balls More

A Sunday post? Why yes me dearies, I find myself with a weekend completely free following the confusion over the weather. Had we been expecting good weather, I would have been out today for sure, and possibly yesterday, but the fine weather rather caught me out!

So I've been sorting through my knitting, and rushing myself to finally get that middy jacket finished so I can wear it - But I ran out of wool (again), so I once again picked up a 1938 number which I last worked on last year.

I ran out of wool and so ordered two balls more, but they were a different shade. The shade I had been working with is no longer available. I'm on the second sleeve, I really don't want to un-run it all and start again with the new shade. So I started knitting with the new shade, just to see how noticeable it would be, I'll let the picture speak for itself!

Why's this come out on it's side? Bah, one of those days!
Do I go round with a "faded" sleeve or re-knit? There is also a collar to knit, my knitting advisers, this one's up to you!

On the subject of not enough wool, I also ran out of wool on a 1936 cardigan, again, on the second sleeve! So I'm just going to ask, does anybody happen to have two balls of Wendy Kintyre (aran) in green? The code on the wool sleeve is 161 6678

Although, if I'm going to ask for wool (which I would, of course, pay for), the original brown wool I was using was Patons Diploma Gold 4-ply, colour 04218 - Which is available, but in a lighter shade (as shown), the one I was using originally, has a reddish hue to it, and little flecks of chestnut running through it. It also goes much better with the orange I'm using for the motif.

In my defence, I did weight both lots of wool before I started knitting, but it still wasn't enough, sigh.
So, just to reassure me, do tell me you have also come across this "not enough wool" problem.

So that's my story for the day, I'm planning on a spot of baking later in the week, chocolate biscuits alright with you?

So I bid you a relaxing Sunday afternoon, and wish you well for the coming week. I do have some outings planned for next week, and their indoors, so no worries about the weather!


Jennie x


  1. Yup....I know what you mean. Rained off and inside.I'm no help whatsoever when it comes to knitting advice but I imagine it's the same pain in the bum as not buying enough fabric then going back to get more only to find it's sold out. I'm sure all the lovely knittists out there will help. Choccie biscwits sound just right. I'm going to make some Welsh Cakes later on and eat them by an open fire at this rate. July? Don't make me laugh.
    have fun.

  2. I have no idea, sorry Jennie :( Though if something is niggling me then I usually re-knit! And don't get me started on the running out wool lark-has happened to me many a time. Modern wools and old patterns don't always mix... of course I'm not to blame with my gram to ounce conversion!!! T x
    Oh and choccy bics sound yum xxx

  3. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I hate to say it, but my only solution involves frogging... I'd probably rip out the sleeves and do them again in the 'new' color so that the sleeves and the collar would be a different shade from the body but it'd look like you did it on purpose! That or can you make the sleeves shorter? It really sucks when you run out of your dye lot. :( I hope you figure something out. :)

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  4. I'd reknit. There's nothing worse than making something and then thinking 'It's not quite right' every time you get it out.

    I always order too much wool. Luckily I like colourwork, so all those stray balls get used up in the end.

  5. Urgh, alright, I'm going to re-knit... But I'm not happy about it! Chocolate biscuits it is, stay tuned!