Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Queen And The Daisy Clutch


I'm taking a bit of a break from the knitting (ta very much), a 3 2 rib frazzles me brain somewhat, especially when I'm not concentrating...
I did finish the collar last night, and have made a good start on the front. Though I'll still need to order some more wool, but I will have a lovely new jumper for the Autumn, which will go with a multitude of skirts and slacks - Yipee!

Last week, Friday I think, I was wandering around town waiting for my lift home when I decided to pop into a usually overpriced charity shop and found this little number, which was promptly picked up and hurried over to the counter - Though I don't think there was too much of a riot to buy it!

Love at first sight... Yes, more tat! I won't repeat what Ma said when she saw it, no taste!

Then I popped over to a shop that sells a bit of vintage on occasion and it was heaving, but I  fought my way through and found a little basket filled with bags, mainly stuff which doesn't interest me (too modern) and found this beauty!

I know, I know, a Summer bag... It may be used one day!
Just look inside...

Oh, how in love am I?

That's about it for my finds, I have picked up a few DVDs cheap, but nothing exciting.

Anyway, break over, back to work!

Have yourself a lovely day

Jennie x

P.S. How do you like my temporary banner? I'll get round to making a proper one some day!


  1. Oh I love them! I have one quite similar-
    if you wanna see just go to this!
    Tuppy x

    1. Oh I remember it alright, I thought of yours when I found this one - Anything a bit kitsch and nautical gets me rather giddy! :)