Saturday, 16 June 2012

Where The Magic Happens!

I'm not quite sure where this past week has gone, busy busy!

Last Sunday was a turning point in my life, I finally became a grown up... well, maybe not, but I'm closer to being a grown up than every before!

My new (to me) bedroom suite was delivered, the delivery cost more than the suite, but it was cuch good value. Would you care for me to stop babbling and show you? More babbling did you say?

Please excuse that duvet... I've been in a bit of a flap and a duvet just makes life that little bit easier - When I'm feel better, back to sheets we go - Ooh, sheets and blankets and an eiderdown up top! Just a note here, the vintage eiderdown was a bargain, £3 as the seller was allergic to feathers and wanted rid of it!
You can just see my sewing table to the right and Lloyd Loom (style) chair on the left.

I'm thinking of a similar green for me walls... If we're staying here. It's all up in the air and I don't know where I am right now.

The reason for such a good sleep is down to my modern matress on top of the original bed springs. The delivery man had the cheek to suggest I'd better be careful on the bed as old beds have a tendency to squeek!
Having my matress on top also makes the bed rather high, I can sit on the edge and me feet are quite a way off the ground - I have to start the morning with base jumping!

The original paper tag is also attached to on of the springs. The bed has "Vono" on the side too, who apparently made a bed for Queen Victoria!

That was just the bed! Here's the rest:

Such an awful photo, and it doesn't even show the dressing table as a whole. Also, for those of you interested, have a close look at the mirror, those weren't visible when I took the snap!
I used to have a dressing table, but had to sell it when we moved, and the original owner still visited, in a spiritual form - Blythe Spirit has just come to mind!

And inside on of those drawers:

They won't stay this tidy!
And finally, the inside of the wardrobe:

I haven't put everything back in my room yet, so this "show room" is only temporary. I love having the oppertunity to sort through my stuff as it's coming back. My utility shoes are pride of place up front and so is my double breasted suit, made from a man's! Something I always fancied trying, then found this suit... in my size! Bingo!

This was only going to be a short pop in and say "hello" post...

I can smell dinner, pizza! Then back to me knitting sticks, a claret coloured frock on the go - Very quick (so far), another 2 weeks and I should be showing you all the wonders of knitted dresses

Catch you later alligator!

Jennie xx


  1. That is beautiful - I love the design on the end of the bed. All those jumpers - so pretty! :o)

  2. Lovely bedroom suite! It would look great with matching green walls!

  3. Oh, that is an awesome bedroom suite! (And I'm really pleased to see something like that having a good home where it won't get covered in manky pastel paint!)

    1. Oh, don't get me started on people painting wonderful furniture... The paint really doesn't add £100s to the value :)

  4. WOW that is a beautiful bedroom suite, Im swooning at the carved embelishments so pretty! Oh and I vote for matching green walls too!!

  5. I'm not envious! My mouth dropped when I saw this, and my ma came over to see what was up!!!
    I just loves it I do- what a find and how fortunate are you to be able to buy and own such a lovely bedroom suite- I can but only dream of owning such!

    As for the knitted frock- well I canny wait to see that- I've been trying to find a suitable pattern for a while now, but just haven't found the right one yet! I think I want a lacy one!

    Well you’ve no doubt had you pizza by now so I can hardly say enjoy... was it nice?

    Tupps xxx

    1. I know what you mean, if the pattern's not right, it's not right - You'll find a frock pattern soon, I'm sure of it :)

      And yes thank you, the pizza was lovely. You just can't beat homemade pizza on a Saturday evening :)

  6. The most glorious thing I have seen on the internet this week! Actually, I am quite envious.

  7. Gorgeous! I'm a teensy bit jealous!

  8. I LOVE that bed Jenny!

    By the way, my blog has moved to - please do pay a visit some time!

    Miss P xx