Monday, 4 June 2012

Cake And Jelly

I do hope you're all having a wonderful cake and diddy sandwiches weekend!

I'd had so many plans, but due to rain and a bit of laziness, not much happened. Though please do keep your fingers crossed for some fine weather tomorrow, it doesn't have to be hot, just rain-free!

So, as it was a special weekend... Though I didn't see much evidence of that, the one weekend I really wanted the telly back! Where was I? Yes, food;

Did you happen to see the Chivers Jelly Crown here? I wanted to make one, but I didn't have enough jelly to make a proper big 'un, so it looks pretty.... child-like. No, that's insulting, a 4  year-old could've done much better! So among my excuses - Not enough jelly, over-whipped cream, the piping bag was leaking, the royal icing didn't set...

It's funnier every time I see it! But I've learnt my lesson, look at the picture and ignore the instructions!

I ought to point out that me and dairy don't mix, so I'm just going straight in for the jelly, cherries and jelly sweets!
My more sucessful delight was this Victoria Sandwich, which I have been told is "better than Sainsbury's".... There you have it!
I used a 1951 recipe, hence the sucess :)

We don't really have much cake, so this is a treat. Remember what I said about dairy and me? I feel awful after only one slice! I'm not ill, but I am trying to decide of that one slice is worth a headache?

Yes, yes it was!

Ma had seen some biscuits in Marks & Spencers, they call them "Jazzie Biscuits" and slap a nice price tag on them - So Ma made some "Jazzie Biscuits:

And finally, after moving around the furniture and trying to make the old dining room worth of a photo...

Please excuse the "home improvements", it was left in more of a state than this - We've actually tidied it up! But enough of that talk, home made bunting, Coronation mugs and one from the Golden Jubilee (10 years ago!)

I have to go now, but I just wanted to wish you all well on this long weekend. Hopefully I'll be back in a few days after having a lovely day out tomorrow... If the weather holds!

Happy Jubilee Weekend

Jennie xx


  1. I love your jelly crown! It's definitely the most fun food I've seen anyone make for the Jubilee.

  2. Ditto on the jelly crown! Great stuff! X

  3. Looks all very yummy, I must say! I really wanted to make that crown of jelly- but in the end I was so pooped so I did very little.:-( maybe I might do it this week instead?

    Tupney x

  4. They all look super yum! A dairy intolerance must be awful; I can't imagine a life without copious amounts of milk and cheese :(