Friday, 1 June 2012

Canteen Girl

'Ello Ducklettes,

When do you decide a collection is already too big and doesn't need adding to?

That's my question for the day. This comes after planning to use my Woods Ware this weekend - The weather's not looking good, so the picnic is not going to happen and that day out on Monday is looking doubtful (it's an outdoor event with fields and walking involved), so I thought it'd be nice to bake a cake and use my favourite crockery...

But it was packed away, so Ma being the intrepid explorer went under the stairs into the cupboard to go and find the two boxes of Woods Ware - Two boxes later and some was missing, so back into the cupboard she disappeared, and found another three boxes! Five boxes jam packed with plates, bowls, tureens, cups...

Even with 21 dinner plates, 18 cups and 5 tureens (and the rest!) I still don't have a full collection :(

It doesn't look like much when it's neatly stacked, but I'm dreading the thought of re-packing and re-housing it all.

The one thing I'm really missing (apart from coffee pots, toast racks, egg cups...) is the guide/brochure to identify the various pieces. I saw one for free online, but didn't save the picture and can't find it again (!), so some of the pieces are, as Toyah Willcox sang, a mystery!

I'm trying to decide whether or not to open a canteen... Any vintage factories need a canteen, plus girlie to run it? Have Woods Ware, will travel!

Anyway, I thought you might like to see it all it it's glory before it goes away until Christmas! I'll show you the cake when I've baked it, plus the other treat I have in store.

Have a lovely evening,

Jennie xx


  1. Ooh, that is a lovely pattern!

  2. Ooo, when I get given a WVS van, shall we set off together, serving tea, coffee and doughnuts to the poor unexpecting (not a word is it!) citizens of the United Kingdom (concentrating on the RAF, Army and Naval bases!)…..We get to have a uniform and specials hats that can be worn at a jaunty angle! Have I sold the idea yet? If we join forces with the crockery, maybe buy some enamel mugs too- I’m sure we could go far….

    Tupney x

    1. Ooh I say, that's an even better idea than the canteen... I know where there's a really nice WVS van, it's in a museum, but I'm sure we could use our lady-like charm to "borrow" it for a season. You really have sold the idea to me. I'll get practicing making sandwiches and tea - See you soon :)

  3. What a fab collection! I'm a big fan of the Woods Ware Beryl set. It's something I've been meaning to collect myself, having sadly passed up so many opportunities to purchase bits and bobs already, I must make a start!

  4. Oh wow! I thought I had a lot of green Woods Ware. I have been beaten!! You have reminded me I need to find a teapot :)

  5. You've got an amazing collection there - it puts mine to shame. I found one of the sandwich plates with the 'handles' eitherside which made my day!

  6. Keep it all. You never know when you might break a piece and it's getting ever harder to find so replacing it will get more difficult.

    I remember Woods ware being the standard china that came with military housing in the 1970s - I have vague memories of it from around 1976/77, when I was very little. Could be my memory playing tricks on me, but for years I thought of it as 'Forces housing china'.

  7. Ah what a pleasing sight! Wonderful collection - I hope you find the other items.

  8. We used to use all of this in our vintage YMCA canteen at Twinwood. Happy days! I've got boxloads of it for sale.