Wednesday, 2 February 2011

We Have A Winner!

This has all happened a day late: Yesterday was just a really long day and nothing much was done, but the time I got around to wtiting down your names for the draw, George was asleep! So, this morning, after being bribed with a chicken & liver stick (yum!), he picked a winner:

Miss Magpie!

If you could email me your name and address, I'll get the wee sausage dog posted off to you:

Thank you to all entrants, I will have another giveaway for 100 followers, and I promise it will have more oooohs and aaaaaaaaahs than you could imagine.

I will be back tomorrow with my post for the Stylish Blogger Award!, I just need to think of 7 things to tell you about myself.
For now, I'm off to re-read the exciting email I received this afternoon. If it says what I think it says, this is EXCITING!!! - I need to calm myself!

Sweet Dreams My Darlings

Jenny & George xx


  1. Wow! What a lovely surprise after a rubbish day at work. :-)

  2. congrats Miss Magpie! ooooooh tell us more about this email- sounds interesting