Friday, 15 February 2013

Sun Suits And Series News

Mornin' All!

You've caught me in a particularly good mood this morning, not only did I not need to get out of bed until 7.45, but the sun is shining (still bleeping cold though). Oh and the best bit... Yesterday I had a rather marvellous idea (well, I think so!) and so I'm putting in a bit of time for research then I'll be able to host a rather fun blog series - I truly cannot wait, but in the meantime, research and knitting!

Speaking of knitting, I popped into a charity shop yesterday and picked up two patterns, one of which is this one...

Isn't it just lovely? The owner taped it up to keep it together, but it's still complete. I just couldn't resist that little face! The pattern I really fancy making is the one in the middle (on the right hand side) - One day maybe!

Note those little plucked eye brows - They could of course be natural, in which case I'm rather envious.

Right, back to it! Thank you for your knitting pattern orders, it's really wonderful to think that other people will get some use out of these patterns too.

I'll be popping back soon with some knitting - I've finished half of it, now I'm about to start on the second. Which reminds me, I must order some wool so I can finish!

And then the new series which should be along next month or so!

Ta-Ra Chuck!

Jennie xx

P.S. Ma's camera packed up the other week and is beyond repair, so she's thinking of getting a GE X400 - Does anyone know if they're any good?


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  2. oooh sounds interesting! And what a cute little tot- indeed lovely 'brows and how about the curly top! Is it normal to be envious of a little'un? I have some patterns which I have to have because the kiddies look so glum and grumpy- they make me chuckle... I also have a pattern where the tot looks like a pixie (without the aid of a hood!)- very cute!

    T x

    1. I think it's perfectly normal, tots don't have the same worries or burdens and are usually well dressed in cute outfits. I would like to see this pixie child!