Monday, 21 January 2013

Let The Obscenities Commence

'Ello Duckettes,

I've been trying to post since Friday but have run into an issue... When I try to upload a picture (onto the blogglette), the button flashes away as soon as the box opens, and I have no way to upload snaps!
I've tried Flickr, but it won't work either and I can't very well use a webcam (don't have one), nor a phone (don't have one).

Please come to my rescue someone, I'm sure the answer is obvious and I'm just being a bit of a plum!

Yours Faithfully

Jennie Charm G.C.S.E.


  1. I had exactly the same problem and it's flipping annoying. The only way I managed to upload the snaps was to add them to Picasa web albums first and then post the photos from there. Hope it works for you too :o)

    1. Thank you. I thought I'd tried Picasa... Obviously I wasn't paying attention and thought that it wasn't working. But after waking up a bit, I've tried again and it seems to work! Blog to follow. Thank you! As a thank you, I'll pop a little knitting picture in there for you - J xxx