Friday, 24 February 2012

Really Charming In 1949

I find myself getting fustrated quite often when it comes to finding my next knitting project - I have a huge shelf (or 5!) filled with patterns, yet I always find myself back online looking for something else. But towards the end of January, I found a booklet lurking underneath everything else - The claim was that the jumpers contained within would only use 4 ounces of wool. Then I found "The Jumper", aptly named "Really Charming". When you name your blog "It's a Charmed Life", you really want a jumper to match, right?

So there you have it, I liked the name of the jumper, and the small amount of wool required, so I knitted it... I daudled quite a bit as I have so many other things on the go, but none the less, it's finished:

Apologies for a less than beautiful snap, it's a bit dull here, and I was so excited just to finally take a photo I didn't bother setting it up, or weighing it!

Place your bets, does the jumper weigh 4 ounces? I will be weighing it and letting you know next time, there will be no prizes but you will be entitled to feel smug if you get it right :)

I'm so taken with this booklet I'm already planning on the next project. Pink, I think.

Oh, and just in case you're interested, the booklet wasn't dated, but I found an advert in there for a Summer school starting in July 1949 - Good enough for me!

That's about all I have to say for myself today, just to let you know I'm alive and have finished something (at last!). I have finished the cardi, but have yet to take snaps. Now I only have six knitting pieces to finish!

So I'll say good-bye now, wishing you all a lovely day

Jennie xx


  1. aahhh Jennie that is beautiful what a gorgeous make ;-)) Well done for finishing it. dee x

  2. Love it! I really like when some vintage patterns change colors halfway up. I know what you mean about trying to find a pattern to knit up, sometimes I'm paralyzed by indecision!

    I'm going to guess 4.4oz. It's like guessing the amount of jelly beans in the jar. ;)

  3. What a beautiful jumper and such a pretty blue :o) I think it must weigh 5oz.

  4. Ooo arh misses! Tis lovely- I have the very same booklet (it’s a good’un isn’t it!). I really like the lacy cap-sleeve one….. Can’t remember what’s it’s called, but the model is blonde! One day I will get around to knitting it!
    Jennie, by the way, did you use modern or ye olde wool?

    Tupps x

  5. It's gorgeous! I am almost finished with my first knitting project and can't wait to start the next. I agree, I have such a hard time finding a pattern to knit. I have so many that I love but with something that takes so much time and effort, I want it to be perfect. I -think- I have found my next pattern but I'm very indecisive :P My guess on the weight is 5.5 ounces

  6. I absolutely love it! I need to pick up my needles again, and this may be the kick up the bum I need :)

  7. That jumper is fantastic!!! I love it!

  8. Thanks all. I'll get the jumper weighed and let you all know in the next post.
    Tupps: The style you mention is "filmy and chic", also on my "to knit" list be I'm feeling intimidated by it right now :) - I used modern wool for this jumper,a bargain in the charity shop for 75p a ball!