Sunday, 22 January 2012

Vintage Puppy

Good Afternoon all, hope you're well.
Not so good here, but I really don't want to go into details just now - It's a long story for another day.

But I've missed you all, and was trying to find something fairly non-taxing to bring me back to blogging. Then I realised I still have some vintage snaps which haven't been shared!
I sound like your neighbour Jeanette after her holiday to Tenerife... Do you really want to see the photos? Tough, I'm showing you anyway! :)

Another doggy photo... This makes me want a puppy so much, why didn't I put one on my Christmas list?

There's Denise again (third from left), and her family... See the lady in the window?

If only I'd picked up their clothing along with the bag of photos...

Anyway, that's about that. The others are a bit out of focus or there just isn't much detail showing up. But I've just found the photos of my Gran's photos from the 1950s on the computer, so I'll show you those at some point. Think cotton dresses, Cornish holidays and my Grandad in shorts (bless him). They also feature a very young Mami, in a home made playsuit! Oh the cuteness!

So I shall say goodbye for now, I'll get my knitting finished and I'll have something very exciting to show you!

Until then, goodbye

Jennie xx

P.S. I just realised that this is my first post of 2012... Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and are having a wonderful start to the new year x


  1. I also hope you had beautiful Christmas! I have greatly enjoyed these wonderful pictures that transported my mind to another great time, they seem very happy there.

  2. I am sorry to here you having a hard time at the moment, I hope you had a good Christmas despite it all! Love the photos, the woman at the window looks very ghostly! Look forward to seeing your piccies of your Grandparents! Take Care x